Seeds if Rot

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Evil Leaper, Nov 24, 2013.

  1. Evil Leaper New Player

    I ran a seeds today for the first time since GU 31 and the positioning of the obelisk near the bridge caused our entire party to wipe. Why did the Dev's move it? Why can't we have a power in the demon bar that can revert us back to our original power set?? Did the Dev's play test this raid after the update??? It seems to me that the original area the obelisk was in was fine.
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  2. Anima Committed Player

    Yeah. Please change this. It is ridiculous.
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  3. Radium Devoted Player

    First time I ran this was funny as hell lol

    Half the raid turned into the demons and were just like WTF?
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  4. Wynnie Well-Known Player

    It was funny at first.. Now it's just annoying.
    What makes it worse is that sometimes we have to deal with invisible T4 NPC's and group mates. That was an issue even before GU31.
    So you're fighting off invisible NPC's while in demon form. Lol.

    Devs, please move the obelisk.
    Or make it so that it only transforms players who have the mission active.
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