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    The Witching Hour

    Halloween is here and to celebrate Klarion the Witch Boy is wreaking havoc around Gotham. His minions are stealing the souls of Gotham's Trick-or-Treaters while Klarion himself has stolen the powers of iconic heroes and villains and is using them to attack Gotham nightclubs.

    [Authors Note: Most of this information was taken from early Test as a Hero. Due to the low population on Test it is difficult to properly explore the mechanics of group content. If there are any issues with boss mechanics or differences between Hero and Villain content, please post the correct information and I'll update the guide as soon as possible.]
    Currency = Spooky Bite
    Vending Machines selling Seasonal items are located inside the Event Instance, in East End Police Station (Heroes Only) and [presumably a Villain nightclub] (Villains Only).
    The Vending Machines sell styles, consumable buff items, some cr40 role specific trinkets as well as a range of damage trinkets ranging from cr41 to cr71.


    Pumpkin Head
    Head Style Pumpkin Head
    Cost 3x Spooky Bites

    Stitched-Together Jute Pants
    Leg Style Jute
    Cost 3x Spooky Bites

    Stitched-Together Jute Shirt
    Chest Style Jute
    Cost 3x Spooky Bites

    Bone Daddy Mask
    Face Style Bone Daddy
    Cost 4x Spooky Bites

    Ghastly Ghoul Mask
    Face Style Ghoul
    Cost 4x Spooky Bites


    Witches' Brew
    Increase Healing
    Cost 1x Spooky Bites

    Fire Beetle Eyes
    Increase Damage
    Cost 1x Spooky Bites

    Fried Spiders
    Increase Health
    Cost 1x Spooky Bites

    Croatoan Series Trinkets:
    These are damage trinkets ranging from combat rating 41 to 71. They all cost 7 Spooky Bites and function the same way, however each version has increased stats.

    Croatoan's Periapt
    55 Health
    7 Power
    3 Precision
    36 Might
    Combat Rating 41

    On Use: -320 to -360 Health – Ray
    Use this Trinket to damage and knockdown nearby enemies. While the effects are still active, activate it again to increase its capabilities.
    Cost 7x Spooky Bites

    Croatoan's Amulet
    66 Health
    8 Power
    4 Precision
    44 Might
    Combat Rating 51

    On Use: -376 to -400 Health – Ray
    Use this Trinket to damage and knockdown nearby enemies. While the effects are still active, activate it again to increase its capabilities.
    Cost 7x Spooky Bites

    Croatoan's Charm
    78 Health
    10 Power
    3 Precision
    51 Might
    Combat Rating 71

    On Use: -420 to -459 Health - Ray
    Use this Trinket to damage and knockdown nearby enemies. While the effects are still active, activate it again to increase its capabilities.
    Cost 7x Spooky Bites

    Croatoan's Talisman
    90 Health
    11 Power
    5 Precision
    60 Might
    Combat Rating 71

    On Use: -480 to -525 Health - Ray
    Use this Trinket to damage and knockdown nearby enemies. While the effects are still active, activate it again to increase its capabilities.
    Cost 7x Spooky Bites
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    Jack Series Trinkets
    These are the role specific trinkets. Each one summons a different pet to help.

    Scary Jack
    20 Defense
    65 Health
    10 Precision
    10 Might

    On Use: +558 Health (20 sec)
    Use this to summon Scary Jack to aid you in combat for a short period of time. Spooky Jack will taunt enemies that are attacking you.
    Cost 7x Spooky Bites

    Spooky Jack
    38 Health
    12 Precision
    10 Might
    11 Vitalisation
    8 Dominance

    On Use: +164 Vitalisation (20 sec)
    Use this to summon Spooky Jack to aid you in combat for a short period of time. Spooky Jack will stun enemies that are attacking you.
    Cost 7x Spooky Bites

    Creepy Jack
    35 Health
    22 Power
    3 Precision
    6 Might
    30 Restoration

    On Use: +298 Restoration (20 sec)
    Use this to summon Creepy Jack to aid you in combat for a short period of time. Spooky Jack will heal you if your health falls below 40%.
    Cost 7x Spooky Bites

    Eerie Jack
    33 Health
    12 Power
    15 Precision
    25 Might

    On Use: +239 Precision (20 sec)
    Use this to summon Eerie Jack to aid you in combat for a short period of time. When Eerie Jack withers, nearby enemies will take damage.
    Cost 7x Spooky Bites


    As usual the majority of these are gathered from standard Collection ? Marks throughout both Gotham and Metropolis. The rest drop from bosses in existing content. The easiest way to hunt those down is to run T1 1-Player Challenges.

    Green = Boss Drop
    Yellow = Collection Marker

    Halloween Grab Bag!
    1- Plastic Fangs
    2- Incognito Mustache
    3- Polystyrene Tombston
    4- Witch's Cauldron
    5- Spider Webbing
    6- Spider Ring
    7- Spooky Sound FX Cassette
    8- Wax Lips
    Reward: Spooky Zanni Mask (Face Style)


    All Hallow's Peeves
    1- Smashed-In Pumpkin
    2- Stinky Paper Bag
    3- Toilet Paper Roll
    4- Carton of Eggs
    5- Fake Bloody Hand
    Reward: Winged Monarch Mask (Face Style)



    The previous years Spooktacular feats have been replaced with a fresh set of feats.

    Eat, Drink and be Scary
    Complete the feats Candy Candy Candy, Trick or Treat, Smell My Feat, Costume Party and Party Crasher.
    • Candy Candy Candy Candy
    • Trick or Treat, Smell My Feat
    • Costume Party
    • Party Crasher
    This years meta-feat.

    Trick Or Treat, Smell My Feat
    Consume all of the different Spooktacular Tricks and Treats
    • Trick: Stink Bomb
    • Trick: Boo-Urns
    • Trick: Chill Out
    • Trick: Zzzap!
    • Trick: Psych!
    • Treat: Notafinger
    • Treat: Candy Corn
    • Treat: Power Patch Brats
    • Treat: Snackers Candy Bar
    • Treat: STAR Blast Chews
    Consume one of each. Klarion the Witch Boy will drop several of these each run of the instance. Make sure to keep track of which ones you've eaten so far.

    Party Crasher
    Complete The Midnight Masquerade instance 15 times.
    The Midnight Masquerade Event Instance is fairly easy once you understand the mechanics. As usual you don't need to receive loot for a run of the instance to count towards this, so if you're really desperate you can run the Event Instance 15 times in a row to get the feat. Otherwise, just do the Event Instance once a day and you'll get the feat.

    Costume Party
    Collect the Jute chest style, Jute legs style, and the Pumpkin Head style from the Witching Hour seasonal event.
    • Jute Legs
    • Jute Chest
    • Pumpkin Head
    The total cost for the Jute legs, Jute chest and Pumpkin Head style is only 10 Spooky Bites. I believe the Pumpkin Head style has a chance to drop from the Event Instance, however seeing as this is the only feat linked to Spooky Bites I recommend buying them first. It'll take about four days of running the mission and event instance.

    Candy Candy Candy Candy
    Consume 25 Tricks or Treats from the Witching Hour seasonal event.
    Trick and Treat Consumable items drop from Klarion the Witch Boy at the end of the Event Instance. He drops several each run so it shouldn't be that hard to get 25.

    The Witching Hourglass
    Defeat the Witch in the The Midnight Masquerade in 7 minutes or less.
    This feat is fairly easy with a decent group. Grab the crystals as soon as they spawn and activate the Exto-Extraction Charm as soon as the Sentinels of Magic send it in. For more details see the Event Instance Guide.

    Going A-Souling
    Complete the Masked Mayhem seasonal daily mission 13 times.
    Simply complete the mission every day and you'll unlock this feat. There is no way to use Replay Badges to do multiple runs of this mission, so you will need to play for at least 13 days so don't leave this one too late.
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    The Witching Hour (Heroes)
    Oracle is receiving accounts of an otherworldly disturbance in Gotham City. A mysterious force has opened gateway to Hell throughout the city, and mischievous spirits have been set loose on the innocent trick-or-treaters of Gotham. Head to the East End Police Station and speak to Phantom Stranger for more information.
    Reward = 1 Spooky Bite

    This mission is fairly easy. Scattered around Gotham City are Hell Portals. Close them, save the trick-or-treaters and banish the Masked Apparitions. Best done with multiple people buy easily soloable.

    Type 1 - When activated you'll need to defend four panicing civilians from Masked Apparitions. Thanks to the damage cap fighting off the Masked Apparitions can actually be a little tricky. Use attacks that have little cast time, do area based damage and do more little bits of damage rather than single big chunks. Lots of stuns help too.
    The good news is this is pretty easy with two people. The bad news is that if a single civilian falls then you're probably going to loose the lot because they can't take more than one Masked Apparition attacking them at once.

    Type 2 - The easy one. Kill the Apparitions, move the orbs around. Some need to be taken back to the civilians on the ground, others need to be thrown away from the area.

    Event Instance

    The Midnight Masquerade

    The Midnight Masquerade, one of Gotham City's signature gothic clubs, has become host to the Witching Hour's last, and most frightful trick. Stop this haunting at its source!

    Rewards = 2 Spooky Bites

    Difficulty: Medium. As long as the Masked Apparitions are handled correctly this is a fairly easy fight. Klarion has a large health pool but there are no serious interrupts or heals to watch for. Provided you've got a decent healer and controller you should be able to faceroll this fight.

    Note: The 'gate' to the fight is actually on the dance floor, not at the door where you speak with Phantom Stranger. So make sure everyone is on the dance floor before engaging Klarion.

    Overview – Unlike the Atlantean Outpost Event Instance in the previous Tides of War seasonal event The Midnight Masquerade has no major roadblock mechanics. The fight begins with a basic tank 'n spank format. Magic Crystals will spawn periodically so have your DPS players take care of them as soon as possible.
    When Klarion begins spawning Masked Apparitions try and get the Ecto-Exctraction Charm up and running as soon as possible.
    Tip: If your healer is struggling I recommend ignoring the Masked Apparitions during the Charm's charging period. By default they attack the civilians so as long as you don't attack them they won't engage your group.
    As soon as the Ecto-Extraction Charm is charged have someone pick it up and start clearing the nightclub of Masked Apparitions. It's a full time job so make sure to assign your weakest DPS to it. If this is you then make sure to use all your trinkets/cooldowns and as much power as possible right after the first set of Magic Crystals is dealt with. You want to make sure to absorb ALL the Masked Apparitions around the nightclub and get the new ones as they spawn. The more Masked Apparitions the higher Klarion's defense buff is, and the higher that defense buff is the longer the fight takes.
    With one player taking care of the Masked Apparitions the rest are free to just burn, burn, burn until Klarion is defeated. Magic Crystals will continue to spawn and need to be dealt with, however they no longer spawn in pairs.

    Klarion's Iconic Power Set – Klarion uses a random set of special attacks based on iconic DC Universe magic users. The idea is similar to the Black Adam fight in Kahndaq, only he uses a single power set for the duration of the fight. The power set appears to be fixed on instance generation, so if you die his powers won't change. For the most part the iconic special attacks are ignorable and have little to no impact on the fight beyond adding a little visual flair.
    Stun Lock – This functions similar to Pied Piper's trance in the Flashback Duo. When he casts it the targeted player will be locked in a stun until Klarion is Interrupted. Just lunge or use whatever you go to Interrupt move is to free your team mate.
    Magic Crystals – The Phantom Stranger will spawn five Magic Crystals over the span of the fight. While a Magic Crystal is active Klarion will take no damage. Each Magic Crystal is linked to a Podium placed around the nightclub. Simply pick up the Magic Crystal and take it to the podium to destroy it.
    Masked Apparitions – Midway through the fight Klarion will begin spawning Masked Apparitions. He will continue doing this until he is defeated. For each active Masked Apparition Klarion will receive a small defense boost. You'll need to use the Ecto-Extraction Charm to deal with them.
    Ecto-Extraction Charm (Initialisation) – The Sentinels of Magic will have Oracle teleport in a Ecto-Extraction Charm that can be used to absorb the Masked Apparitions. The Charm requires an initialisation period of about 20 seconds after it has been activated.
    Ecto-Extraction Charm (Charged) - Once the Ecto-Extraction Charm has been charged a member of the group must pick it up and use it to absorb the Masked Apparitions. It's essentially the reverse of the Repulsor from the Ferris Aircraft Duo.
    Note: the Ecto-Exctraction Charm must be held by a player in order to function, so don't throw/drop it!
    Ecto-Extraction Charm (Depleted) - As you absorb Masked Apparitions the device will lose energy and stop functioning. To reactive it simply recharge it at the Magic Magnet Crystal which was teleported in with the Ecto-Extraction Charm (an arrow will point the way).

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