Up-Votes Needed Save the Universe: Phantom Zone Elite bugs (Post September 3 hotfix)

Discussion in 'Arkham Asylum (Bug Reports)' started by KlarkKent, Sep 3, 2021.

  1. KlarkKent Well-Known Player

    Things I noticed while running the PZ Elite after September 3 hotfix:

    • Energy Pull still 1 shots, 100% double ticks, high damage
    • Crystal Snare: High damage, 1 shots, randomly throws to group members even if tank has full agro.
    • Crystal Barrage(popcorns): Does high damage, if get caught to one or more than one "popcorn" its insta death.
    Also another thing about this fight, do Sunstone Turrets supposed to after spawn after a wipe even after they burned on previous attempt?

    • Captain Zul seems normal except few things: his, I guess intended agro shift causing some problems.When he do that and do a finisher move (its like Munition 35% finisher animation), that can kill the person he focused on. If his damage numbers are still high, maybe thats what was causing our deaths.

    • She still doing high damage with her basic weapon attacks / "tap range" Heat vision.
    • Her 180 degree Heat Vision does 100% double ticks, results with 1 shot.
    • I guess she has Swoop attack too. Deadly for non-tank players.

    • Same as Ursa, his basic attacks doing high damage.
    • Ground slam still 1 shots and seems like has unlimited range.
    • That random Swoop attack is deadly for non-tank players. No way to predict or react.
    • Granade Toss attack 1 shots.
    • His signature move "Kneel before Zod" attack 1 shots even with healer shield up.

    I'm sure there are few things I miss but there wasnt much time to identify all of them. Other than a few Jor-El fixes I see no changes in PZ Elite alert.
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  2. Mr.W Committed Player

    Don't forget jor-el is doing 300k+ with a basic stomp smash attack (hold triangle with brawling) when he doesn't even block break you lol.
  3. KlarkKent Well-Known Player


    I ran the Phantom Zone Elite after September 4 hotfix. Ursa's 180 degree heat vision was still doing multiple hits but this happened a few times compared to yesterday.

    Main problems:
    • Jor-El's a few abilities I listed above; (Especially Crystal Snare and Energy Pull. Energy Pull still double ticks)
    • Ursa, Non and Zod. Almost all of their attacks (basic weapon combos and special abilities) doing too much damage that annihilates group members and puts experienced tanks in difficult situations even with highest gear.
  4. KlarkKent Well-Known Player

    Yes. It seems like none of the "overall damage reduction" hotfixes we got recently did not applied to this elite alert yet. I feel like all basic attacks of all bosses are beyond what is intended at the moment.

    For a "run everyday" type of alert, Phantom Zone Elite is not in a good shape.
  5. Mr.W Committed Player

    Post September 9th things feel better in elite, the 2 things I think needs to be looked into are Ursa, zod, & non's tap triangle heat vision seems to permanently stun until you are ko'ed if your immunity is on cooldown. And as you said non's ground pound still has too much range. League mates & a friend we invited were getting hit from halfway across the room at last boss.
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  6. KlarkKent Well-Known Player


    I ran (Save the universe) Phantom Zone Elite after September 9 hotfix. Alert is better than how it was before but there are things that still need to be looked at:
    • Jor-El's Spike Wave having its animation in wrong direction. I was tanking and he did spike wave to other group members but it was only the animation directed to them. I took the damage. Positioning wasnt the issue. For example; they were in north and I was in south and boss was in middle of me and them. Thats not an issue for a tank to take that damage but still, it still causing a confusion.
    • Ursa's 180 degree Heath Vision: I suppose its now blockable BUT there were some rare moments that this heat vision double ticked a few times. Might need a check.
    • Non's Ground Pound: I think he has 2 kind of ground pounds. One of them has short range and low damage and the other one has much wider range and higher damage. It was hard for me to spot them individually because I was tank but I saw the group members got destroyed by that wide and strong ground pound even with group shield + blocking.
    • Zod's "Kneel before Zod" attack: I spot 3 variations of this attack.
      1) Player was not shielded, Zod did this attack and player's HP start ticking normally. Healer recovered the HP loss. Did not 1 shot.
      2) Player was shielded, Zod did this attack and player died right away. 1 shot.
      3) Player wasnt shielded, Zod did this attack, player take no damage. (This part might be incorrect. Zod might have used this attack on a pet that I didnt see at that time and killed it.
    • This one applies for Zod Ursa and Non: Random Swoop Attack: Most of the time they do this attack to the pets but there are times they do it to players; pets tend to follow the owner or stay close to them, that swoop attack kills both owner and the pet because of its AoE damage. Then "lets not use pets" tactic gets activated. Regardless all 3 of these bosses do this attack and boom its instant one shot with no reaction time. (I can see the RNG component of this attack in this elite alert to create more challenge but I bring it up only because it happened so often.)
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