Runes of The Norseman

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  1. PrimedKrypton New Player

    So to get each piece of the armor, you need the plan from eclipso or tala. The vendor near the r&d sells a rune carver? What exactly does that do. Can someone explain it to me just to clarify. Please & Thank you =]
  2. Chris Stryfe New Player

    Essentially you can think of it as the cost of making the gear. "Runes of the Norsemen" remember. You have to spend 30 MoW to make your gear. You bought your T4 set with Marks, you have to do the same with these, only its a set price rather than one price for one piece and a different price (in terms of Marks) for another. Cheaper than T4 I think, but harder to attain because of the loot tables and having to run those instances with 7 other people.
  3. Snow New Player

    I'm just going to wait for T5.
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  4. AllanPage Committed Player

    The Codex gear what they call it and it drops from T4 Ops. The T4 gear in magic wing is 78 item level, the codex gear is 79 item level, not much difference in stats though. It also costs bit lesser Marks of War than the T4 gear. Unless you are serious about getting your cr to 90 or getting the styles not worth it imo.


    And compare to the T4 gear not much difference.

  5. PrimedKrypton New Player

    I've seen the stat bonuses its not a big difference. First things, first I want to complete the t4 set then if I'm in the
    mood, I'll get the t4.1 or 2 which ever it's called. If not i'll just wait for the t5. I wonder how high a cr the t5 will get us. cr150 dps
    lol can be able to solo the fos jp .
  6. Conduit New Player

    More than likely the T4.25 gear [Runes of the Norseman] was just a way for the Devs to give us something to do in the meantime while we wait for Tier5.
    And my guess, considering the gaps slowing shrinking between tiers... Hmm.
    34[The Tier0 or Renown Gear], 43, 53, 70, 78 ... T5 is probably gonna be around 85. But that's just a guess.

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