Roleplayers - usps villain league - is returning please read

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  1. Darksilver320 New Player

    Tonight the villain league "Roleplayers" will be recreated. In returning we will be having a team meeting and allowing anyone looking for a league to join our chat and with that the possibility to join if those players so choose to do so.

    Our goal: To rebuild into a solid unit and allow players who are apart of the team to build themselves into excellent team players as well as individual players by helping each other not only in instances such as raids, alerts, pvp arenas etc, but by learning each role and how to develop our strengths as such.

    Our requirements: Dedication to the team. If you are apart of this team you are here to build not only yourself but the team as well. Lets be honest, there is only so much you can do on your own and so many people hate pug groups as it is. So the stronger your team, the farther you go not only as an individual, but as a team. Cr, skill points, gear all can be acquired, so we are keeping that open. However, if you are not about the team and bettering yourself without being carried we will not be the team for you.

    So, tonight at 8pm eastern we will be holding a team meeting in a dedicated voice chat channel. If you have an interest in learning what we are about, and you have a mic, (yes all members must have a mic) message one of the following players to get an invite to the chat channel:

    Ond Surma

    The meeting will last for approximately 1 hour. We will allot about 20 minutes for myself and my co leader Ond, to give you an outlook on what we plan to accomplish, how we plan to build and give you an idea on who we are as leaders. The rest of the time will be given to our teammates to ask questions, voice interests, and/or make suggestions on what you would like to see the team set out to accomplish in the future.

    If you have any questions before the meeting tonight, you can message me here on the forums in pm, or look for me in game.

    Thank you,
  2. Darksilver320 New Player

    Tonight's meeting and recreation of Roleplayers went well. I'd like to welcome the new faces to the team. However we are still recruiting and looking for members. Currently we are looking for controllers, to be honest we are good on mental, could use HL, Gadgets, or Quantum. Still open recruitment for all roles but we have an emphasis on trolls atm. We also have room for 1 tank, any powerset.

    All those interested pm me here or message myself or any member you see in Roleplayers in game.

    Thank you,
  3. Darksilver320 New Player

    Currently right now I am looking to find a tank. ice, fire, earth doesn't matter. please message either me, or ond Surma in game or you can PM me here.

  4. Punisher 4-31 New Player

    Hello Potential Members,

    We're still looking for players, all roles. Like Dark has mentioned we need trolls at the moment, and a Tank. Again all roles are welcomed so please do not discourage from messaging either Darksilver or myself (Ond Surma).

    We are a family orientated type of league, we joke and laugh and just enjoy the game. We play all content, because lets face it running the same crap over and over again is boring. Plus there are feats to be had! The league is about helping one another and push each other to get better, but most importantly we are about completing content not see who can put up the biggest numbers. If it was meant to be that way it would've been designed that way but guess what it's not. The leader and Co-Leaders have been playing the game for almost 3 years or longer, so we have a lot of knowledge to spread. Again we're all about the fun, PUGs and a good portion of leagues are too uptight and trying to be elitist when they haven't learned their role. When the start of the new PVP season happens most of us will be focusing on that until the new DLC comes out.

    I look forward to meeting and playing with those that are interested in joining us. Please feel free to message me here, in game or in game email. I will answer all questions no matter how outlandish they may seem, but be warned the response will be on par with the question.

    - Ond Surma
  5. Punisher 4-31 New Player

    We are still looking for players of all roles and different CR's, please feel free to to message me here or in game or by in game email.

    Best Regards

    - Ond Surma
  6. Punisher 4-31 New Player

    Still looking for members, message me here or in game

    - Ond Surma