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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Celestial Demon, Apr 14, 2014.

  1. Celestial Demon Dedicated Player

    Easier said than done. Most randoms don't have mics or voice chat is disabled, the ones who do come in with their league mates and friends then criticize everyone who isn't overgeared for a T1-4 instance (meaning they refuse to listen to anything that would help the raid and go kick crazy just to get rid of everyone not T5)
  2. JonnyD New Player

    Role Viewpoints? Ooooh, I love this game! Here, here, I have it!

    Healer: "can't heal one shot, but certainly can heal all this stupid...seriously learn2block"
    Controller: "so many power hogs without self control in one party, and I thought the dps would be the only problem"
    Tank: "everyone thinks they're a tank, I might as well just let them tank it and die teheh"
    DPS: "POWER! POT! AGGRO *frantic button pressing* HEAL ME! NUMBERS NUMBERS!"

    Oh, this isn't the Fun House? My bad...
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  3. SpicyMoonlight Devoted Player

    I still take the 5 seconds out of my run to give everyone props. Call me old fashioned I guess lol
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  4. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Healer: I cant solo, I dont have the experience/gear yet
    DPS: Oh well sorry dude you can run this then
    Healer: Cant we just pick up a second healer so I can get the experience/gear
    DPS: Sorry dude there is no dual healing, you need solo heal experience/gear
    Healer: How am I suppose to get the EXPERIENCE/GEAR from the raid?
    DPS: Duh by solo healing the raid with the gear from the raid.
    Healer: -_-
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  5. MCAZR New Player

    I pug lower content quite a bit and do notice a much higher tendency for people to want to kick for stupid reasons but my advice has worked quite well in the groups that I've been in. I can usually save the really bad player and offer a little coaching. Maybe I should but I don't try to save players with attitude issues. It probably helps that I bring pretty good burn to the table but it probably helps more that I have a decent knowledge of the game and can explain the mechanics of each instance and formulate strategies based on the strengths and weaknesses of each group.

    Fwiw, the only instances I've ever seen this kick crazy thing were Nexus and Paradox back in the day. I've never seen it in any other content.
  6. The Aerovenger Dedicated Player

    Just the dps??

    Us Trolls measure our ticks too!
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  7. Celestial Demon Dedicated Player

    There's FAR less controllers than dps in this game now..I don't even run mine as often anymore cause there's so many power hungry bad dps who kick me from instances incentive
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  8. Rassophore New Player

    Rage-timers notwithstanding, agreed...People were acting like this long before T4/T5.

    Personally, I'm way more likely to kick someone for being an @#$ that for their performance. I *think* I've only once ever kicked someone for their performance and that was ages ago in a failing FOS2 pug raid when DPS#3 was doing less damage than the controllers. We really just didn't have the DPS to carry him and I didn't feel like trolling a bad group in FOS2 for an hour.

    Other than that, the only times I've kicked folks has been for reasons other than performance - I just don't see it happen much. In fact, about 2 weeks ago, I was healing an MR T5 daily alert, and I was doing more damage than the two dps. The controller noticed on the way to the first boss and called them out, telling them they were terrible, blah blah blah, but we still didnt kick them...we just kpet plodding along to get the damn thing done. In the end, one of the DPS did pass me up, but the second DPS never did. At the end, the controller informed them they were terrible and they had been added to his ignore list so he wouldn't get in instances with them again (I'm not convinced it works that way, but whatevs), and strutted off. Regardless, even then, they didn't get kicked for poor DPS. I just don't see it happening very often.
  9. Celestial Demon Dedicated Player

    I've only run nexus once through a friend cause everyone in LFG wanted 103 solo healers only (which is stupid and blots out any chance to learn anything outside of contacts) and I couldn't understand why it was so imperative to have a solo healer in it with the split area on knocking out the bosses at the same time seeing as not too many dps know what a soder, supply drop, or blocking is..

    And I've tried to help, but like I said, most randoms I get are either unable to communicate through voice chat (its off) or they can hear fine and refuse to listen to anything that they don't like (like in T1..running in with broken gear...) ven if it helps the group as a whole.
  10. BipolarDiva Loyal Player

  11. KrimsonScourge New Player

    Not to toot my own horn (OK, actually it is) but I not only know what supply drop is, I even have it in my utility belt. I even use soders. :D

    WTF is this blocking thing though? Is that going into GU 36? o_O
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  12. jessiejames4211 New Player

    here we go again the market dictates more people want to dps ..the people who do not want to dps /care foir the score board then try to force there views on the rest of the community who do care about topping the boards ,, just because you want to sit in a instance for hours on end because you find it fun just playing as a team I do not I want in and out and I wanna be at the top of the board ,, and infact I would say 70 percent of the community is like that ,,
  13. Too Many Toons New Player

    Joined a pug nex this weekend and clearly one dps was being carried - 47k damage after first boss...but it was still an easy run. However, other members (healer, troll) called him out on dissolved b4 2nd boss, even though I have no doubts it would have finished.

    On another run, saw a green gear tank (checked his gear after he died once) and expected the worst...and it went fine.

    Groups do tend to be boot happy...I'm happy if job gets done, the end.
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  14. Celestial Demon Dedicated Player

    Someone's forcing things on others? How dare they do such a thing! :mad:

    Let's go tie them up by their feet at lamp posts until they think about what they did!!

    aimed at every dps hog who cries "troll/tank/heal go dps please!!!!"
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  15. MCAZR New Player

    I'd help if we were on the same server and faction but I hardly log in anymore so here's some advice. Form your own group and be very upfront with your knowledge and skill. When I was leveling one of my tank toons and running the T5 alerts/ops, I'd inform every group that recruited me that I did not have a high enough CR in dps stance to queue for the instances but that I was very familiar with each instance as I had other alts 100+ CR. We're talking green gear with purple T3 and ~56 level blues. If an Add even looked at me, I'd be toast. You know what every group said? 'Sure, no problem.'
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  16. BipolarDiva Loyal Player

    lmao. love this.
  17. Ghaladh Dedicated Player

    I started to give the thumbs up to your posts even before reading them, lately. :-D

    My thoughts exactly. I think that this attitude is the consequence of the excessively competitive American culture. You guys are trained to compete for everything since you are just a child; as long as the competition stays at a healthy level is a great thing, very constructive, but too many people take it too far and becomes obsessed with it.
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  18. Celestial Demon Dedicated Player

    When I sell my healer in LFG, I pretty much include my power and rating as ("90 cel healer for anything"

    i'm not good with selling points, don't judge >>;; ), but even that would be about the same as falling on deaf ears save for those running fortress.

    (But thanks to that whole community thing of running 1/1/6, first thing asked i "can you solo heal?" x_o)

    I can, but I don't like to. I'd rather have that backup healer just in case.
  19. Celestial Demon Dedicated Player

    Ugh, this is too true and I hate to admit it. Even part of the reason why so many of us turn into those people who get so into something they rage like no one's business (then others think "what's wrong with that guy? it's just a game" o_O) or just turn cynical a-hole just cause they got 1st in something by even 1 point..
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