Rifle WM: Please change DP Combos

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  1. Echephyle New Player

    Or fix the bug with slip shot.

    I recently gave rifle another shot. Again, slip shot fails to execute half the time even when i'm in optimal range. I would just stand there holding rifle shot instead of pulling off the wm combo.

    Devs, please fix the bug or follow my suggestion.

    1. Replace Slip Shot with Magnum Round. This will fix the movement problems as we no longer fly off the screen with 1 combo.

    2. Change combos completely and have:

    1. either full auto or magnum round paired with rifle grenade.
    2. Either full auto or magnum round paired with mortar.

    This will make rifle very versatile as we can pick where we attack.

    Please devs, rifle was a great weapon. If you're not gonna change the combos at least fix the slip shot no execution bug. I hate holding rifle shot when i should be doing a wm combo.
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  2. Echephyle New Player

    No more replies? I know there are more of you out there that want rifle wm changed or fixed
  3. Cyclotrode X New Player

    I keep reading about ss mastery bug, but I've never encountered it. Seems to be working fine to me. Try instant cast rather than waiting for combo meter.
  4. Echephyle New Player

    The fact that no other combo has people complaining about execution issues should be a clue that this needs to be looked at. You're one of the few people thay can get it at will. 90% of players fail at least half the time and hold rifle shot instead. Maybe the execution input window is smaller for this combo to work.

    I tried instant cast, but nothing happens.

    I say axe slip shot and put in magnum round. Easy and good solution.