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Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Francesca Lima, May 2, 2013.

  1. Francesca Lima Active Member

    I think many people use replay badges for this as I do. We are not doing content to get other players content if we do all the work. I am not going to do something I have done and not use a replay badge to be rewarded for doing the work over again.
  2. Senshirou Well-Known Member

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  3. The Kitsune Well-Known Member

    OK have fun then.
  4. kingmasternova Well-Known Member

    replay ruin the game. It was more fun w/ out them point blank
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  5. Tule Well-Known Member

    No, it wasn't. Point blank, yo diggity.
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  6. Sechuran Fox Well-Known Member

    If it was more fun without them, then just don't use them. Seems simple to me. Replay Badges have been a massive boon to myself and some of my friends and leaguemates. I can't play every day (sometimes a week goes by where I can't get in game) and they allow me to grind out extra instances when I do have time so I can catch up a little when I do have extra time.
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  7. recespieces31 Well-Known Member

    :confused: What is going on?
  8. Quantum Edge Well-Known Member

    Quantum powers error, a discussion from last year made it's way into the forums.
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  9. KemistiOMG Well-Known Member

    i only use the replay badges i get from subbing but never bought any badges, im in no hurry, the game isn't going anywhere
  10. Delta795 Well-Known Member

    Wow some people in here seriously need grammar lessons! Either that or it's talk like Bizarro day and nobody told me!
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  11. recespieces31 Well-Known Member

    Oh, is this discussion about toxicity of replay badges? not using replay badges? why do players use replay badges?
    Those first 3 sentences have literally messed my whole day up...I am all dazed & confused now (heh, I made a funny)
  12. Aiden Warren Well-Known Member

    What are you talking about?
    Grammar please, and I suck at grammar -.- And I can't even understand that.

    You are mission the Predicate
    The Idea for the Paragraph
    and a Moral or a little description as to what exactly are you talking about
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  13. Lucaefor Well-Known Member

    Didn't you make another thread on this same topic?

    I hope you aren't going to use your new replay funded free time spawning millions of threads on forums about how bored you are.
  14. Breedin Bull Well-Known Member

    Like those sandwiches from spongebob (the name could be taken in a dark light so i'll just put "those sandwiches") the only people who don't like replay badges, have never had one (or in this case can't/won't afford them.)
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  15. Octantis Well-Known Member

    Okay so I ran Wayward Souls, got my loot, then a friend asked me if I wanted to do Wayward. I said sure and used a Replay Badge. If this is the condition the OP used them in, then this shouldn't be condemned. Seriously, if you have Replay Badges and someone wants you to run something you've already done, it's pretty dumb to not use them unless you really don't want to.

    Replays didn't ruin the game. Players did. Players are always the cause of discord. The devs put something awesome in the game, and a select group decided to abuse them. Logically, you can't blame an intangible, digital property when, on its own, it can't positively or negatively impact anything. They're inanimate objects and do squat unless someone actually uses them. Therefore, the only force to blame for putting Replay Badges into motion are the players that use them.

    These arguments are beyond the point of dumb, beyond the point of petty, and even more so misguided.
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  16. Phantasy2013 Well-Known Member

    Right On! If some of you don't like replay badges for whatever reason, then don't buy them. Its your choice, but again as I said before you dont speak for the whole DCUO community. Its not fun for you to use badges, oh well but its great for me and apprently others in this thread and community. So replay badges aren't going anywhere so deal with it and stop whining about it. People who use replay badges are more than likely are going to gear up faster than those who want to take the "traditional" approach to doing Alerts and Raids and that is one of the main reasons those of you hate replay badges are complaining more and more. Everyone should be on equal footing my honey bun, there is no such thing bottom line.
  17. Senshirou Well-Known Member


    The comment itself isn't directed at you but I had to post the picture.
  18. Phantasy2013 Well-Known Member

    Agreed!!! Players ruined the game with their crying and complaining. Replay badges had nothing to do with it as a whole and no such thing as abusing replay badges as it doesn't others progress, just heightens my own progress which is no one's business to be honest.
  19. Aiden Warren Well-Known Member

    This girl needs to realize, it's a game and she is playing, so don't complain if your playing it.
    now that the T4 gives a ton of marks and now she says this.
    Well then Francesca, don't use replay badges then and farm away. If that's how you want it.
    All her posts are not making any sense, either shes in South America and don't understand a thing about this game or she's In Special Education for ADD.

    Oh and guys, don't you all like how she makes a thread and disappears for a few days and don't post again?
  20. Frostbight Well-Known Member

    What ever happened to doing something just becasue you like the fight, or to help yout your fellow man. I cant count how many times ive done way, or veng or FoS1 or 3 for free to help out people who asked becauses they needed it. Im willing to do those runs and not get anything cause I just plainly love the fights. I love tanking Grundy and Eclipso and I love taking the Bosses in Fos 1+3 ( Fos 2 i hate the whole raid so i dont do it unless my league begs me). What ever happened to just doing something to help/mentor someone or just cause you like the raid. To many people anymore only want to do something if it directly benefits them.

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