Remembering 9/11

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    My memories of that day are vivid - even 22 years later.

    I had just made a routine trip to the courthouse for one of our sailors. I had worn my working white uniform with ribbons and the normal insignia.

    The day was nice enough...not too hot or humid, and partly cloudy.

    My goal that day was to be there at the courthouse for the sailor and I fulfilled that, thankfully.

    On the way back to the ship I made a stop at my house. I turned on the TV....

    I couldn't believe my eyes but I knew that my life as a sailor in the Navy would be changing drastically from that point on...

    I headed back to our ship and they were already mustering outside the ship...the leadership was sharing what they knew at that time.

    The world changed after that...some gradual..some sudden. In the Navy things changed, of course.....our watch rotations became even more attentive...

    I'll never forget the way our country came together after that....God I wish I could've put that feeling in a bottle for these current times we live in.
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