Recruiting for Sincerity[Villain US/CAN PC/PS]

Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by Aaron7K, Dec 6, 2019.

  1. Aaron7K Active Player

    A new PVE league, looking to build member count, and looking for active PVE players who actually want to run stuff together. Requirements below.

    - Must be semi-mature(no trolling)
    - No age limit
    - Does not require a MIC, but would be preferred.
    - Preferably high CR 200+ if you're any lower that's fine too, we'll help you get up there.
    - Preferably looking for people from US/CAN but it's fine as long as you speak decent English.

    Feel free to contact me in any way, my name in game is also Aaron7K.
  2. DDGSKT New Player

    Im looking for an active league as in who does alot of raids exc not just talk and log out.
  3. Aaron7K Active Player

    Well like I stated this is a new league, but I don't plan it to be like these PVP leagues whos members are really toxic and just little kids who like to troll and talk smack all day. This will primarily be PVE league, so yeah we'll be actively playing Alerts, Raids etc.. just first I gotta get members who will stick around and help the league grow.
  4. MattSpy New Player

    Hey, I know I am late for this but are you guys still searching for members? This is my alt and I would help everyone when i am high cr.
  5. UnGodly-Obito New Player

    Hello is it ok ask if can join I am Villian with 161 combat rating trying learn game and improve yes I’m new player but willin put time in as needed

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