Rage Prec or Might based?

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  1. KeyuBaN Well-Known Member

    So from a post not to long ago I claimed that rage was going to be a precision based power. I was then corrected by people saying it was might. I just accepted the fact that it was going to be a might based power from then on.

    Now that all these rage videos tests are coming out, I'm noticing a lot more precision numbers, So wouldn't that make it precision based?

    People all know that Hard-light is a precision based power, and yet it ticks might for the beginning of every power/combo. So wouldn't that make hard-light might based as well?

    Both rage and hard-light basically do the same thing which is construct combos, and which start dealing precision based numbers after the first might tick number.

    The main questions are:

    1. Where does this put hard-light and rage at as far as what their damage is based around?
    2. Is rage considered both a mixture of might and precision then?

    Just confused because people call one thing another thing when something pretty much seems the same as far as damage type.

    I'm interested to hear what people have to say.
  2. Zur-En-Arrh28 Active Member

    In the announcement the Devs specifically said it was a Might based power. Something I don't think they've done in the past.

    Every power set is a slight mix of Prec/Might. It just depends on where the balance lies.

    I would plan on Might and adjust when you're able to play around with a characters and see for yourself.

  3. KeyuBaN Well-Known Member

    so would that make hard light might based as well?

    Otherwise, everyone says it is pretty much precision based. so that is why I'm confused, because people are basing it off the first number from powers; and yet the first number from hard-light powers is might.
  4. ak40sheven Member

    All prec is the way to go tested every power and the prec dmg is way more then the might even the prec ticks DO not go might
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  5. farm3rb0b Well-Known Member

    Every "power" in the game will be a yellow number, or might. So in a sense, every power can be considered "might-based" since your combo must start with a yellow number. From there, the sets have differences. We'll take Light for an example. That power set allows you to combo multiple powers. After the first power, anything you combo into will tick white numbers. As you can do sequences with multiple combo'd powers, and precision is currently doing more damage than might, people consider Light to be precision heavy. The same goes for Celestial (and possibly Earth though there are few that play it as a DPS).

    Rage doesn't allow you to construct quite the way that Light does. IT does have powers that will allow you to go from an initial might tick straight into precision damage without necessarily using your weapon. However, not every power allows this. I think I remember seeing about 4 powers that allow you to swap to precision ticks. In that way, you could make a loadout that is very precision heavy. Or, you have enough options to make your loadout might heavy. That's probably why the livestream said you could play this particular set either way: with a might- or with a prec-build.
  6. Owl Well-Known Member

    Galling Eruption, Lacerate & Violence allow you to change to Precision damage by Holding Melee after the initial power cast.

    Rage Combos:
    • Eviscerating Chain combos into Eviscerate by Holding Melee
    • Outrage combos into Extra Measure by Holding Melee
    • Revenge combos into Revenge Spin by Holding Melee
    • Dreadful Blast combos into Dreadful Explosion by Holding Range
    • Frenzy combos into a faster Frenzy by Tapping Melee up to 5 times
    • Damage from the initial power of these combos is based on Might
    • Damage from the combo is based on the equipped Weapon DPS and Precision
  7. Lacedog Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure it matters. It might not be ideal, but I could make a precision heavy fire damager, and put up big numbers. I like that rage lets you mix and match to however you want to play.
  8. KeyuBaN Well-Known Member

    then why is everybody calling hard-light precision based when it's not? lol
  9. Merci New Member

    As like stated before, Rage powers, like Celestial and HL, Are based off of two factors.

    Initial Skill Damage = Might

    Combo After Initial Skill Damage = Precision

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