Quantum or Mental?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Blackjay IV, May 11, 2013.

  1. Blackjay IV Member

    I want to create a character with quantum powers, but I woudl want to apply it to a character with telepathic powers of mine...however, I love Mental and I'm not sure if itcs worth it...what do you guys think, Quantum or Mental?
  2. Blight Well-Known Member

    Quantum has some very fun powers, but the color effects the devs decided to use I thought were too flat so I stayed with mental. They're both powerful in their own respects, but I thought the devs could have been a little more imaginative in terms of crafting Quantum's presentation.
  3. Ray Active Member

    mental for DPS
    Quantum for Troll
  4. Cloud_9 Well-Known Member

    Quantum effects are fantastic. Just because it's not the color you wanted doesn't mean it sucks.

    I think the Quantum effects are great. I would say avoid it for now, since there's so many quantum DPS and the over writes can get annoying.
  5. Blackjay IV Member

    Hm...what color is Quantum?
  6. Schimaera Well-Known Member

    Mental for DPS, Mental for CC, Mental for both roles in PvP

    PS: Mental <3
  7. Plum Crazy Well-Known Member

    Having absolutely no first hand experience whatsoever with quantum I would say mental...then again I am a bit bias
  8. Nevaborn New Member

    I was a Mental TK from launch and switched to Quantum. On the whole im very happy but it does need minor adjustments, and as for looks and sounds I think its very cool.

    Pros of Quantum over Mental:
    • the stuns work a lot better same basic move as TK but multi target.
    • moves look cooler
    • quicker cast time on debuffs
    • more CC moves
    • you can teleport !

    Cons of Quantum over Mental
    • currently PoT can be tempramental
    • currently group stuns can be tempramental
    • Time tree Health debuff is a close range where others are medium/long. This needs addressing.
    • the Health debuff can be tempramental
    • PoT and Power dump can feel slow compared to mental

    All this aside when the stuns work its great and looks awesome just the heal debuff needs adjusting.
  9. General Zod Well-Known Member

  10. Forsaken Mentalist Well-Known Member

    My main is a Mental Troll, and I love envery second of it. All solid range attacks, and great power interactions.

    Since I prefer Trolling, I started a Quantum Troll. Like Neva Born said, theres a few kinks that need to be ironed out. Still a fun power to play with.
  11. Remander Well-Known Member

    My troller has been mental from the start, but I had to try out quantum. Ran Prime with him last night. Like it a lot, though I'm still tweaking my loadout. Visual and audio effects are tremendous.
  12. ElementX New Member

    Nevaborn said it all. On top of that. With mental having invisibility and I am able to store. Speed drain. Bastion and the horrific vistage transform.

    Giving me more options. And gadgets can't store. More then its turrent sc
  13. ElementX New Member

    The cc effects are great in quantum. But everybody wants a battery.
  14. Voltaic Bolt Well-Known Member

    No. quantum effect sucks, really.
  15. Blitzarro Active Member

    mental vs flavor of the month
  16. Greenman_x Well-Known Member

    I would hold off on going Quantum for a bit while there are so many people switching to it...I havent been able to control anything with my "preferred" loadout yet because I dont want to overwrite any Quantum DPS's DOTs (and theres a bunch of them)

    For now, Id stick with Mental because I think its still the supreme controller power (Completely biased.) and is probably going to be one of, if not the most efficient, DPS class for T5 content...Just my opinion
  17. Meta Flare Well-Known Member

    It's not flavor of the month. It is new. There is a big difference.
  18. Blitzarro Active Member

    new flavor of the month
  19. Meta Flare Well-Known Member

    It's not flavor of the month at all. I don't know how you come to this conclusion.
  20. Blitzarro Active Member

    Next month when people start running their other characters or spec back into their original powers we'll see what the flavor of the month was.

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