Quantum DPS Loadout

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  1. Xolag Well-Known Player

    A small guide that I made.
    Look at a tell me your opinion.

    Una pequeña guía que hice, mírenla y díganme que piensan.

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  2. AIpha New Player

    I'm confused why you have singularity AND gravity bomb on your loadout. SIngularity is the better of the two and the cooldown in short enough that you do not need to have another identical acting power. You would benefit more by having Tachyon blast and using hte enduring damage mod, or a shield to clip with, or even inspiral waves. Gravity bomb and Singularity are just too similar to justify using both. I mean you could even put energy expulsion on there.
  3. JEEBIE Devoted Player

    I use both as well, the reuse on singulary and gbomb are just long enough to have to alternate. If you see the video singularity isn't up yet when he uses gbomb either.
  4. AIpha New Player

    Simply because he is using the one-handed tap tap hold. Use any other weapons hard hitting combo it times up perfectly. Flurry Shot, Handblasts Hold Hold, ect ect. It just a bit of redundancy in a loadout which I try to avoid.
  5. JEEBIE Devoted Player

    You can quick hold HBs and it's about the same timing as spin chop (it's what I do hehe). Either way in my loadout I kinda had an "extra spot" so I like the alternating. I wish inspiral waves was a long range but it's mid range max, it was my plan to use that only with 60% modifier but it was shot down.

    My current load out is Grav Well, Warped Reality, Tunneling, Singularity, Gbomb, Tachyon Blast.

    I'm open to suggestions, but for now I see it more useful to alternate those two than anything else I saw.
  6. AIpha New Player

    My rotation, and I was beating every dps I was in a group with on Test during the raids, is Open with Alcubbire Wave then throw singularity clipped with Warped Reality and place a gravity well. I then use Tachyon Blast and as soon as it fires throw a singularity and repeat. I use the enduring damage mod as well and have Oblivion as my supercharge. Oblivion is by far the single best damage dealing supercharge in the game.

    Loadout is : Alcubbire Wave, Warped Reality, Singularity, Gravity Well, Tachyon Blast, Oblivion

    Of course this takes 14 PP to spec but with the endruing damage mod you can skip out on the crit magnitude innate and just get the crit chance innate. I used handblast as well and I make sure I charge up the first charge all the way. Increased damage for full charge. I see anywere from 700 aoe to 1200 aoe on a fully charged handblast.

    I'm not saying his nor your loadouts are not good I'm just saying I have tried those and found more success with mine for the way I play.
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  7. Xolag Well-Known Player

    I can change with inspiral wave,and like Jeebie say's i use gavity bomb because singularity cooldown don't let me use in every spin chop.
    Inspiral wave gives a friend crit for 1.3k-1.4k.
  8. JEEBIE Devoted Player

    Inspiral seems to be the same damage as Gbomb. Which is great if you have say enduring damage mod and can ignore the 35% vs 50%, if you can't gbomb is better. Inspiral though is a mid range attack and will not damage at full range. This is why I use gbomb personally. Singularity is best base damage though I believe.
  9. Xolag Well-Known Player

    Yeah for me too, singularity is the best, but i have to use another power for continue my combo because the cooldown of singularity i can't use in the rotation all the time. If singularity have the same cooldown of gauss grenade i ill use in all the spin chop.

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