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  1. velvetsanity Loyal Player

    *devs change how a power functions*
    “How dare you make such a change!”
    (Three months later) “What? You’re going to undo this change? No! I can’t play without it!”
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  2. stärnbock Loyal Player

    my oppinion: i think it is just sad that the game is giving the most boring way to play it the most favour.
    at least that is how i see it: PFTT is boring to me! combo powers might be different and more interesting.
    most powers best damage potential are simply 12345 repeat rotations though, similar as it was with AM's.
    maybe some like to play the game like that, no offence, it is just me that thinks the game is wasting itself.
    because if harder, more challenging playstyles would get rewarded for the skills needed to pull them off,
    only then it would be even worth it to try. however: the game totally wastes it's own famous combat system.
    a combat system that was once fast and engaging, it went slower with WM's and even worse with AM's...
    that ^ is why we still care, i guess... the revamp was a step in the right direction, yet unfinished IMHO
  3. Entrust Committed Player

    Mind if I ask what loadout & rotation you used for your nature test, please?

    I currently play a hybrid style & use:
    Tray: Vine, briar, serpent, harvest, swarm, shield
    Weapon: Staff WM (my preference, I get it's not everyones)
    Rotation: 3 dots > harvest > swarm, clip-shield > weapon combo (often mortar) + harvest. Repeat weapon combo + harvest. Reapply swarm when shield cooldown is complete (the timing of the two match up)

    What I see: 4 dots + weapon damage + power damage (harvest). Damage continues while I'm stunned.

    Obviously not great for low HP targets. Seems to work great on groups & targets that move a lot.

    I'm interested to see how your hybrid nature style differs. Thanks!
  4. stärnbock Loyal Player

    seriously? you play hybrid without the weapon buff? well... how are you skilled and modded?

    to be honest, i play with most of my my alts focused on weapon damage. that been sayd, i allways fall behind no matter what.
    i take the WE stat (because hybrid has only might and uninteresting support buffs) and max out precision first before anything.
    that way, my damage suffers a lot, for example: i have not enough power to use the strong bursts. my artefacts are for weapons.
    because i want my weapons to be even worth using. however: i do not want to waste time and allways go in as fast as possible.

    i start with brawling into shuriken storm (weak but effective: sets the combo counter to 7 and activates the artifact in one second),
    clip it with swarm and the weapon buff (you miss that 33% damage boost, trust me) and then, i clip backhand with voracious plants.
    because i want the weapons max potential, i go melee distance. however: for that reason, it is best to keep a shield and heal ready.
    but, since i want to play natures unique weapon style and i am totally into werewolfs, i transform into the wolf as my super charge.
    to charge it asap, use serpend call (setting up PI) clipped with flourish (because the cooldown for both of them fits at 6 seconds).

    transformed, i do basicly the same: melee tap tap hold <cw> swarm <cw> weapon buff
    then tap tap hold <cw> voracious plants and allways keep my power high for troll buff...
    when my supercharge is at the middle of the second letter of my name, next combo:
    tap tap hold <cw> transform back, in normal form, i tap hold hold <cw> wolf form....

    well, needless to say that my nature alt sucks on many levels.
    i only use the characters for events, thats why i don't bother...
    not playing hybrid with most characters anyways, just WE,
    that is why fatal star can give you a better rotation for sure!

    however: if you use weapons, the buff is mandatory for your loadout, switch it out for your shield or briar... hope it helps ^^
  5. stärnbock Loyal Player

    noteworthy to mention would be that as hybrid, you only use WM's for the artifact buff.
    mortar is fast and strong, it also raises the combo counter to five if i am not mistaken...
    if playing with staff, i guees the best melee hybrid clipp would be: hold tap tap hold hold,
    for ranged would be tap tap hold, if i remember correctly... otherwise: WM's are for WE's
  6. Entrust Committed Player

    Thanks for the info. It appears we have 2 very different playstyles for nature.

    I prefer dot stacking, while combining weapon stacks with harvest to do damage & keep the dots at their maximum level as group size increases/decreases.

    I haven't had much issue with damage out, even 15 CR behind other players I keep up just fine. Like i said it's not great for weak adds, but does great in group & boss fights.
  7. stärnbock Loyal Player

    yes, i would prefair my playstyle in short fights against low life mobs,
    while yours is the way better option in long battles against bosses ^^
    therefore, you could use two armories: one with dots one for bursts.
  8. L T Loyal Player

    If you're going to go weapons expert, and max out your precision, it's certainly a smart move to use your weapon buff. But I'd point out that you're not actually hybrid, you're weapons expert (you just happen to not be using weapon mastery).

    I don't play much nature, but you could play a might-focused nature hybrid, where you're basically using weapon attacks to regen power and augment your DoT damage. This strategy works moderately well with Electric-- though with Electric I usually wind up using the weapon buff anyway, mostly just to clip.
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  9. stärnbock Loyal Player

    well, yes and no... i take the WE stat, because i want my weapons to be worth using, because hybrid is only giving a might bonus... then the artifact is giving you a 10% precision bonus, but only after you have used a WM. after that and as soon as my neck mod is activated, i start with the clipping of weapon combos with voracious plants... if i play WE as it would be supposed to be played like (i guess), i would not clip at all, but allways do the WM's without any super powers in between. everything that is using combo clipping is a form of hybrid to some extend... of course, it is a flawed strategy in may ways. now, why do i even bother playing hybrid, you may ask...?

    MY REASON: as i want to make use of natures wolf form, the formchange does not allow WM's with its unique MA variation.
    therefore, i can't have both playing nature in wolf form and play the WE style as it would supposed to be played like ^^
  10. Rejoicer1 Well-Known Player

    My opinion: taking the nerf bat to something like superpower just because you're unhappy they do more DPS than you is not the way. A lot of people like the superpower stance just as it is.

    Instead see what buffs to hybrid or WE would be appropriate to bring them up to snuff.

    summary: don't nerf others but rather try to find appropriate buffs for yourself.
  11. stärnbock Loyal Player

    OK... i am still thinking on it and take your oppinion into consideration:
    if you don't want to take away the 10% might buff from super powered,
    then hybrid should get 10% might and 10% precision, plus support stats.
    WE should get 10% precision and 100% CC resistance during combos.
  12. Korlick Loyal Player

    And while youre doing that...add Power to the Precision Stat Point.

    Also...do not make bosses that cant be countered. It makes the precision artifact pointless.
  13. stärnbock Loyal Player

    well, i am happy for pply hwo like to keep playing the game like this...
    however: super powered was actually considered by the devs and iirc
    supposed to be a niche playstyle, far out on one side of the spectrum.
    while WE would be the other extrem, used by just a few players too,
    hybrid was expected to be the most common playstyle on the server.
    just that the super powered was getting a lot of advantages over time:
    first the fusion of might + power, then the playstyle stat got over buffed.

    THAT is the reason why many players keep playing with powers only.
    not because it is complex and engaging, rather it is the only option...
    at least if you ar a scoreboard chaser and DPS is important to you ^^'
    i am not one of these guys btw, like you are accusing me to be like.
    it is just because i think the playstyle is dull, so i switched. however,
    i am interested in the balance of each playstyle, and the problem is:
    weapons need to get looked at and the playstyles need recalculation.

    right now, i guess hybrid is suffering the most because of stat splitting.
  14. velvetsanity Loyal Player

    Superpowered is also best for roles, currently.
  15. stärnbock Loyal Player

    true that, i agree... super powered is realy just waaay to convenient!
    especially for roles, if you don't have power mods in your generator.
    if you try to go health for fire tanking, the power consume is to high:
    i would need two trolls or two heals just because i run out of power.
    well, it was a lesson for me, but i simply can't do my job like this.
  16. L T Loyal Player

    It's really not, for the most part. This is why so many healers are always out of power. No Atomic tank should ever be superpowered.

    Fire tanking is the exception that proves the rule. Since you spend so much time blocking the passive power regeneration is indispensable.
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  17. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Not sure if you're being sarcastic or what, but I strongly disagree lol
  18. velvetsanity Loyal Player

    Only time I’m *ever* out of power is when people either don’t know the mechanics of a particular boss or are trying to ignore them in favor of chasing the scorecard. Or if for whatever reason I’m the only one that hasn’t been knocked out of the fight and I’m about to hit a supply drop or soder to keep my shields up and stay in it.

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