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    The Ultimate PvP Goal: To survive for as long as possible while doing as much damage as possible.
    Note: Most of the following scenarios are based off Dps vs Dps fights. Role specific instances have not been added yet.
    All roles inflict bonus damage for successfully countering an opponent. Furthermore, all roles receive immunity to being countered for a short duration.
    1) In PvE, blocking is used mostly to mitigate damage. In PvP, blocking is used mostly to interrupt an opponent's weapon combo. Blocking a melee combo will knock down an opponent, interrupting his or her attack and causing additional damage.
    2) Block-breakers are your charged ranged moves. Block-breaking someone who is blocking will knock him or her down and cause additional damage.

    3) Lunging (holding melee) someone who is block-breaking will interrupt the person and knock him or her down, while also causing additional damage.
    You will not be knocked down by a counter if you have immunity, unless the damage taken in the counter is greater than the immunity's threshold. The damage you take while having immunity will also be reduced by 20% of your health.

    Power Conservation:
    It's important to be aware of how much of the blue bar your powers use. Using hard-hitting, power-hungry moves might not be the best idea in 1v1 battles.

    Counter Tactics:
    Those who PvP with a PvE mindset will most likely do one or all of these things:
    A) Use every power on their loadout in 7 seconds.
    B) Use only melee combos (if equipped with a melee weapon)
    C) Hold block for 70% of the fight (a.k.a. "Turtling") hoping to mitigate your damage.
    In some cases, those people do not learn that doing those things will result in defeat and/or death.
    In case you ever encounter an opponent who constantly does those things in PvP, here are a couple ways to counter them.
    A) Do whatever you can to avoid being hit hard; roll away, block, use your movement mode, interrupt, pop a shield. Make sure they waste their moves.
    Force your opponent to use up his or her power.
    Ex. Stun your opponent. It costs power to breakout.
    B) Turtle. If your opponent does not learn that hitting you will result in him or her being knocked down, just hold block.
    A second option is to simply throw everything you have at them. Your opponent will most likely still try to melee you throughout your assault.

    P.S. Unless you are 100% positive that you have enough time to whip out a block-breaker, don't do it. Your opponent will just counter you.
    C) Perhaps, your opponent learns about the block button and decides to Turtle. They're waiting for you to hit them. Or maybe they're hoping they can stop your damage. Now is your chance to spam the block breaker. The instinct to block when taking damage is strong with PvE players. Your opponent will see him or herself taking damage and will instinctively hold block. Unfortunately for them, the damage they're taking is coming from your block breaker. They will be countered.

    Here are some tactics for evoking counters since they are so important in PvP.
    a) Slow your combos down. It will be easier to stop mid combo and punish your opponent if he or she blocks.
    b) The counter to the technique above is known as "Baiting".
    Your opponent will be focused on countering you. TAP block and immediately hold melee (lunge). He or she will attempt to block break your but (hopefully) the block duration is so short that he or she misses it and is countered by your lunge. The point is to counter your opponent's counter, not to block the attack.
    Baiting Tip: It takes three regular melee hits or a finished combo to be countered by someone who is blocking.
    c) When both opponents are "baiting" some players like to take it a step further: Counter the counter of the counter he or she thought you were going to do.
    For example, Your opponent blocks, baiting you to block-break. Instead of doing that, block. Your opponent thinks you are going to try to BB him, so he lunges. But since you're blocking, he or she will be countered.
    d) You can take this one step further, but RARELY does anyone do that. There is a point where you both end up the same thing, so basically it resets.
    This leads me to the topic of Predictive PvP vs Reactive PvP.
    Predictive PvP is a little different. It's basically everything described after a). You are predicting your opponent's moves.
    Ex. You are about to finish a combo but you predict that your opponent will block, so instead of completing your move you throw out a BB.
    Reactive PvP is what is described in a). You respond to an action that your opponent takes.
    Ex. Your opponent blocks so in response you BB him or her.
    Some players rely only on one of the techniques. Others mix both into their fighting styles.
    Really it depends on who you're fighting.
    • Many players use Home Turf in PvP. Supply Drops are life savers and game changers. If your opponent drops one, get him or her out of that spot.
    • Bodyguards and Sidekicks are annoying, but they will give you immunity if countered. Use them to your advantage if your opponent ever calls for them.
    • Lastly, there are the mods. The most annoying mod is probably the block counter one, where you will be blasted out about 10 times the distance of a regular block counter. This adds 1 second to your helplessness time.
    Tip: For those using this block mod in combination with Martial Arts, a great time to use your tap, tap, tap, tap, hold combo is when your opponent is blasted out like that.
    *For now, this is the end of guide. Please help me improve it, and if I made any mistakes please point them out so I can fix them ASAP. I hope the guide has helped you be a better PvPer.
    With love,
    Tvuski ;)
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    All of this is correct. Very detailed, I like it. Im only intermediate in pvp but I all of this. Power concentration is the most important.