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  1. Kaio Active Player

    So whats the deal , maybe its something ive never noticed before but ive been running into alot of guys decked out in fully modded t4 Pve gear in PVP and generally damn near losing to their monster DPS. What exactly is the point of toughness if someone in a majority of PVE gear can damn name rip me to pieces.

    So yeah, whats up with that lol. Kind of makes PVP gear almost pointless, i know 9 out of 10 times these guys fall fast and definitly take a ton more damage, but the DPS gains almost out weigh the defenselessness in alot of situation. Whatever, food for thought.
  2. The Vengeance New Player

    PVE armor is the way to go in arenas. That is just how it goes friend!
  3. Massah New Player

    DPS yes you can deal significantly more damage at the cost of well - being a Glass Cannon .. lol
    As a Tank - probably better to use PvP gear - possibly using skill points for Health/Def-Toughness/other innates and the use DPS (PvE or PvP) for chest, shoulders, head & legs to gain some form of crit chance - since Tank gear has no crits.

    For Healers and Cotrollers - PvP gear is needed as they are focus fired and need the added longevity.

    But a DPS normally is not known for their high survival thru insane health & defense - they take the best defense is an Pre-Emptive Strike Offense approach.(Kill the enemy before they have a chance to re-collect)
  4. thelostczarnian New Player

    but as you said...almost...pvp gear still won the day right. this is a good reason to run with a shield of some kind that is usable while controlled and use ur pvp trinket in case your stunned or knocked down
  5. Talve Dedicated Player

    PvE gear makes you a glass cannon. There is a fine line on how much PvE you can run and get away with.

    Even healers and trolls are benefited from this as power trolls throw out much more power like that and healers (when they are not under focus fire) benefit from restoration more than toughness.

    To get away with a lot of PvE armor means you have to be very good at kiting or baiting our hard stuns and have a good healer(s) around (as hes reaction time and awareness is what keeps you alive).

    But for 1v1 PvP is in most cases more beneficial. Yes, guy with PvE can burst you faster, but remember.
    He has lower toughness and health.
    So while glass cannon will hit you 1000, your 700 is still more dangerous to him.
    The trick with glass cannons (specially a good gadgets or HL burst cannons) is hard stuns. If he clearly outplays you and baits out the first hard stun, depending on the amount of PvE, he can pretty much burst you from full to 0 in that hard stun duration.
    So next time just play slow and smart, you have all the time in the world if you run in full PvP.
  6. Brit New Player

    Unfortunately, they made a change a few updates back which shifted the main stat of PvP gear away from Toughness and onto Health instead. Now the total amount of Toughness achieved through wearing PvP gear is even more trivial, and the majority of damage needs to be mitigated via Rock-Paper-Scissors Granted Immunity.

    The problem with this new allotment of our PvP gear is exactly what you're seeing. The Toughness is such a small amount that it matters very little. The Health is the main stat on PvP gear, but if you're a fully modded T4 PvE player, the Health you get from your lesser PvP sets is a downgrade from just wearing your PvE armor. When the developers say the most important stat is supposed to be Health, and your PvE armor has higher Health by virtue of being several teirs higher, then what the developers have in effect said is "Go ahead and wear your PvE gear". In fact, I fully believe that was their intention when they made that change, to ease the transition of endgame Raiders into PvP without making them restart at the entry level (which many of them flatly refused to do).

    Not just the Health, but all the other Role stats. In what world is +200 Toughness worth -1000 Restoration? With the loss in Precision, Might, Vitalization, and Restoration, you can just ignore the Toughness and focus more on the burst damage/healing and see greater success.

    PvP gear beats PvE gear for PvP, but only on equal footing. If you have a T4 suit of both, it makes more sense to wear the PvP. Heck, even with a T3 set of PvP gear it might be worth it. But when you're comparing T4 PvE to the Bloodbat or T1 stuff, it's no contest. With the new PvP gear progression, a lot of this will finally be fixed, but until then, that PvE gear is still more practical than eating the huge downgrade to lowbie PvP stuff.
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  7. Event_Horiz0n New Player

    PvE gear is tinfoil in arenas....but keep wearing those care bear skins in there I like quick matches.....garbage.
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  8. CTEN Well-Known Player

    I tested PVE gear in 2v2.

    It can be done

    A skilled payer will have no problem with it.
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  9. Volaron New Player

    They're hoping to get more dmg out of it. Just let'em they get destroyed with it on.
  10. Wildfire New Player

    I dont see how people can advise you on running arenas in PvE gear lol, its a noob way to go.

    PvE gear full T4 will lose to Checkmate gear on an equal role/SP player 99% of the time.

    There is only 1 situation really when a full T4 PvE DPS is necessary and thats in the 8s, Specifically Fortress. This is usually done by the PvP league runs, where theyll have a full raid of checkmate geared roles, 2 trolls, 2 dps, 2 healers, 1 tank and then 1 PvE T4 DPS, and he will run the buffs to yield maximum damage.
  11. Talve Dedicated Player

    That's why you don't run full T4 PvE, but mis T4 PvE with T4 PvP.
    In 1v1 its waste, in 5v5 depending on the setup it can be beneficial in many ways.
    That's why people mention using it.
  12. Wildfire New Player

    Isnt he talking about running full T4?
    even so, mixing T4 PvE/PvP isnt beneficial as a DPS... when i am absolutely maxed on PvP gear my precision drops to around 520 ( might be higher i forget), and thats more than enough to kill people. Clearly i am talking about using PvP neck and rings, when i keep my PvE neck/rings on (Most of the time) my precision is around 610 i think and ill still have over 6400 health and over 1500 toughness...

    Having that much health and toughness for a DPS is far more beneficial than slightly extra precision but becoming more of a tea leaf.
  13. Itazuki New Player

    Yeah you don't run full PvE gear... Running a couple pieces though can work.

    In Open World PvP this works a lot better. Since you won't be focus fired. Arenas though... you will become the target most times.
  14. Talve Dedicated Player

    Again depends on the map and team setup.

    If it is a team deathmatch, then anything around 5.5k health should be enough for DPS to survive (depends on healer(s) / opponents setup), specially as they are usually not high on focus fire priority list.

    So if all you receive is AoE damage and opponents are going for your power troll / healers, that toughness and health gives you nothing, while extra damage goes long way.

    However in 1v1 or maps where you have to be separated from your team (star labs), sure. Full t4 PvP all the way.

    As far as i remember, on some setups i run with over half PvE and i'm still hitting ~5.4k
  15. Dump Truck New Player

    I know from past experiences, in premade vs premade (without inspecting) we will spend the first few minutes just hitting each person until we find the weak link. The drop off in precision/might is well worth the toughness/health. What do you lose? about 250 might and 100 precision? For all of your toughness and another 1500-2000 health?
  16. Peacemakaz Committed Player

    In a duel, it is possible for someone in full t4 PvE to beat someone in full t4 PvP, that is just the power of immunities and blocking, however wearing full t4 PvE in an arena, against an organized group, you will get focused, and in all seriousness 1 shot every time you come to the fight.
  17. Event_Horiz0n New Player

  18. Aiden Warren New Player

    ppl want to be the top dps in pvp, 78 neck and rings
  19. thelostczarnian New Player

    man ill wreck anyone in pve gear with my fully modded t4 pvp unless they are using cheesy dog transformation (ima laugh when they remove the tranformation and i go around wreckn sorc healers!
  20. MARK2099 New Player

    No chance a player using full pve gonna beat anyone with similar skills using full pvp, because using full pve you can die pretty much in 2 combos, you have no space for mistakes, the first mistake and you are under 40% health, where using full pvp you gonna hit not as hard but allow multiple mistakes with no risk at all, i have yet to see a decent pvper in full pvp losing vs someone using full pve, and i'm taking about full T4 pvp vs T4 pve with the same mods and similar skills, not a guy in full T4 pve vs anyone using t1/t2 unmodded pvp gear lol.

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