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  1. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    I always found this response interesting and I'm sure other games have similar issues with new powers/frames/classes/etc, but they still produce them anyways.

    I do wish they could hire a team dedicated to working on powers, not just new ones, but working on balancing powers that is separate from normal gameplay teams. I mean, from when DBG got purchased recently, it was announce DCUO was their best selling game.
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  2. Super Lantern Active Player

    even if they don't add new powers, the Lantern Healer Demand won't go away anytime soon, they opened Pandora's Box with Lantern Trolls and Lantern Tanks, what did they expect.
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  3. Aduzar Light Dedicated Player

    There would be many more users if you would stop deliberately destroying its powers with destructive updates!
  4. Dephyre Committed Player

    Yes. I have been asking for this for the better part of a decade.
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  5. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    I know you love to pull these community manager quotes out every time someone asks for powers, to support your narrative, but you should also quote the CEO who gave interviews with media contradicting these quotes and committing to making new powers after these community comments were made. Otherwise, you're intentionally only telling half the story. And the CEO's position is more relevant than the community manager's talking points -- and no this isn't a shot against Mepps. He's just repeating what he's cleared to repeat in that moment.

    And as for the numbers themselves; 2/3 of characters are using DLC powers. This is easily verified by looking at the census data of endgame characters. So. In fact, they sell much better than "2% of players" quoted in these screen shots and the demand is there.
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  6. Multiverse New Player

    Ive actully been doing research we get to as blue lanterns in legends and we get to see alot of em blue lantern healer?

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  7. JailhouseBat Active Player

    I'd love to see a new power but what about expanding iconics? It seems like every legends character has at least one move I wouldnt mind seeing in PVE. Or what about using some of the NPC powers to expand iconics? My fire character would love to use Ultimate Soldiers flamethrower for example.
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  8. Super Lantern Active Player

    Like Bizarro's freeze vision and flame breath, I get that he's basically Superman but he still has some unique iconic powers.
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  9. Zneeak Devoted Player

    You're definately not alone in that request.
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  10. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    Yes cause a CEO never says anything that the people want to hear just for the sake of those people hearing it. As for your next statement super ironic that you say im trying to fulfill a narrative yet that is exactly what you are doing by grasping at any straw you can.

    DCUO's most recent powerset release? 344cr means they have just a few pieces of StU gear and that isn't even "endgame" level considering how long StU has been out and already a 2x week. Out of every single server there are only 382 characters as water? The same search reveals 7753 characters so that is 4.9% The games 14th powerset? Atomic that would be 219 characters out of 7753 that is 2.8%


    keep sounding as desperate every time a new power discussion, I along with any logical thinking player will not hold their breath for a new powerset because they actually realize the negative impact to DCUO a new powerset would create.
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  11. ParadoxVanguard Well-Known Player

    Ok I was actually very curious about that first comment new or old I doubt it was concluded with any fair and honest research. So i crunch the numbers myself thanks to the assist of the Wavedox thats out. While I dont know the accuracy of it I do know that it does have a nice little feature where you can search the numbers of the total players and every power individual across all servers and factions. So idk how long this post will be and I am not saying my math or numbers are 100% on the nose but it is a rough estimate using the information I have at my disposal.

    So lets start with the total number of players via the Wavedox - 49,543,603 (at least at the time I did this). Roughly 50 million players.
    So devs say about 2% of players use the new powers. This is where the observation comes off a bit lazy on whom ever made the quote because 2% of that total is 990,872. Now I would have to assume the quote meant each power individually which I will address later on how thats a bad take but in that sense it isnt completely false on a individual level but as far as total it is faaaaar off. So I will now break down each power in the following format with Percents rounded up because if not fire would be 24.51:

    Powers - Total - Average Percent of Total Players - Release Date(important for later) MM/YYYY
    Fire - 12,145,318 - 25% - All of the following FREE powers launched at 1/2011
    Gadgets - 8,611,735 - 17%
    Ice - 7,642,651 - 15%
    Mental - 5,918,537 - 17%
    Nature - 3,909,031 - 8%
    Sorcery - 5,621,781 - 11%

    I also add towards the end the average of each DLC power to the most popular(Fire) and least popular free Powers(Nature) after the dates
    DLC Powers
    Light - 1,890,398 - 4% - 9/2011 - 15%/48%
    Electric - 840,331 - 2% - 12/2011 7%/22%
    Earth - 480,749 - 1% - 3/2012 - 4%/12%
    Quantum - 607,412 - 1% - 5/2013 - 5%/16%
    Celestial - 410,449 - 1% - 9/2013 - 3%/11
    Rage - 632,131 - 1% - 1/2014 - 5%/16%
    Munitions - 287,785 - 1%(.58) - 4/2015 - 2%/7%
    Atomic - 382,196 - 1% (.77) - 11/2015 - 3%/10%
    Water - 199,343 - .4% - 8/2017 - Didn't do Water

    So yes on a individual power level only 1 DLC power has cracked above 2% Electric is really 1.68 but I rounded like stated before. But this like I said is a poor take on players and new powers because its not the whole picture being observed. If you just look at Water one can say wow its not really alot of Water compared to the rest but lets take into account some factors. Water came out August 2017 not only 2 years outside of its normal grouping of power rotations but thats 6 years since the game was out. So of course Water would be the least power it should be in face it can be argued that if water was dropped within the same gap as the other powers like lets say Feb or March of 2016 it would probably be around the range of Atomic numbers but above Munitions considering 2 years later its very close to it.

    Also look at Light the highest populated DLC power along with Electric both dropped the tail end of the game coming out and ironically have the best numbers. Because its just that those powers been out for 10 years it has the opportunity to eclipse the other DLC powers. But I am not done pushing numbers out here is the total numbers of the DLC power players:11,649,140 - 24%. Big difference from 990,872 I said would be 2% of the total. Leaving 76% - 37,894,463 players with FREE powers. Which is the biggest thing of it all those powers are FREE so a player who may casual play, just want to test it out, or doesnt want to spend money not just on a power but anything cosmetic period towards the game would just roll with the FREE powers. To compare 10 year old powers that are accessible to everybody on every console or PC to DLC powers is not a fair argument when talking percentage of players. Because it is unrealistic to even believe a new power will drop in 2022 and somehow even beat Light which has a 10 year head start on it that is literally asking for the population of DCUO to freeze because every time someone downloads this game their is a high chance their first character is going to use a free power first before they buy one so the numbers will always go up on both ends.

    To put it all together this is a Superhero game based in the DC universe were we have more then 15 superpowers and its a MMO were dropping new classes is not unheard of. The fanbase will always want new powers especially after a 4 year drought since we had Water. So that low player base using new powers needs to be put to rest just like the argument that the other powers are not 100% balanced yet because I would love a list of any video game let alone a MMO that has 100% balance across all its classes. Most players really just want to have fun and create the superhero/villain they want and more powers allow more creativity, I enjoy the costume cosmetics but people dont play this game just to solely look like a comicbook character but to feel like it do which is what Powers do.

    Disclaimer: I will not say my Math in this was 100% correct I will take a solid 90 but this is a all park estimate anyway so I feel as though it is creditable enough
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  12. ParadoxVanguard Well-Known Player

    What negative impact has any power released had on the game and what do we have to back this up? Comparing like you said the two most recent powers in a ever progressing game of course they are going to be less do you just except players to not use other powers when a new one comes out? Especially when you compare it to ones players have had for free 10 years ago. If we going to debate about it cool but lets not just look at one side especially one that only benefits our own. I am not holding my breath on their ever being a new power but that wont stop me from chiming in and request Powers I want in a Superhero game. I would rather provide positive reinforcement on the idea then push back against it.
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  13. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    It's his viewpoint on content is most important to the game. Just like you and others in this thread think powersets help promote it.

    The only detrimental element to this is the devs making us choose between them. It's always one or the other. Good solid content or bland or no content but we get new powers and/or movements.

    As I mentioned above, why can't they hire a team that is strictly here to handle powersets and handle balance? Why do the devs have to do double duty for both?
  14. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

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  15. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    From the guy who thinks the project managers in the company are in charge and making the big decisions.

    You're specifically misleading in your responses by cherry picking out of date and irrelevant quotes to support your own interests.

    And no, adding content that the majority of players want is not bad for the game. Your capitalism needs work.
  16. Random Mind Committed Player

    I am only interested in getting a growing/shrinking power. We have seen from the Mordru's crystals in the Legion DLC that you can grow/shrink toons, so whether it is a whole powerset, a trinket or an iconic power it doesn't matter. I might actually prefer it not being a powerset because I could incorporate it into all my toons rather than changing a toon's power or creating/levelling a new character.
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  17. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    You're correct.

    If you take snapshots of the playerbase at any given time you'll find that 2/3 of endgame (active) characters are using DLC powers -- which means players paid for them either directly with swap tokens or by subbing at the time they were created.

    Like you point out, if you look at overall (which includes players just testing and abandoned characters that haven't been used in years) the data is what you state. SO this is how OC is deliberately misleading in his replies.

    The real data is there and he's quoting talking points that were made outdated and irrelevant the moment the CEO gave his interview to media. For comments from anyone other than the CEO to take precedence on this issue, they'd have to acknowledge Jack's comments and walk them back specifically. OC doesn't want to admit that though. He thinks new content like this takes away from development of narrative content/missions because he doesn't understand that they have different people doing those jobs.

    They def can do it like you said. I don't think there's enough to build a whole powerset around though, so it'd probably be best covered as an Iconic power.
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  18. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    Deliberately misleading in my replies? You are just completely disconnected from DCUO. Every single developer when the discussions of a new powerset release has shot it down, Creative Directors, Senior Producers, Lead Systems Designers. You are clinging onto the hope just because the CEO said something in a passing article that he would like to see it happen. Of course he would like to see anything and everything happen for DCUO. Do you honestly believe he would not consult those individuals who actually work on the game to act on his vision their opinion?

    There is not a single logical argument in favor of a new powerset besides players like you just demanding that it happen and all the other forum posters that want to see all their dreams come true about every single style and powerset they have ever seen grace the cover of a dc comic book so they can cosplay their little hearts out.

    How about you think of the responses and threads on the forums when they said sorry DCUO we won't have any new content release for 6 months because we have to pull every single team off to create a _______ powerset and then after that is complete start work on the next episode release.

    But wait we'll just tell them to go out and hire 10 new people and have them instantly fully trained on DCUO framework so they can create the powerset, they haven't even replaced Batuba yet which is why nothing has changed in nearly a year on DCUO because he was the only one working on adjustments.

    But yea I'M THE ONE with the misleading replies :rolleyes:
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  19. TKMcClone Steadfast Player

    All they would need to do to justify the Dev time is to sell it over and above membership.

    Better still, sell it as an artifact powerset using Nth metal xp to level up and earn each tray ability. They're practically doing that now anyway.

    Of course, there is the option to make it part of a time capsule collection, those are fun, players love those.
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  20. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

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