Please Fix Weapon Style Saves!

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by TK PUSHA, May 27, 2013.

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  1. Xolag Well-Known Player

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  2. RYVAL X New Player

    Yes mine is bugged as well I'm sick of having to reset my weapon styles every day
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  3. Sir Volt New Player

    i find it completely stupid that they try to sell more styles on the market place when they havent fixed this 1 bug ....would have bought the red but why bother my voltic wont save , i dont need a new headache
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  4. Original Kal Well-Known Player

    I noticed that the toons of mine that this is happening to have the weapon type reading in read as you mouse over the weapon type. Almost like you respected your weapon type but didn't' change the actual weapon or something.
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  5. Original Kal Well-Known Player

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  6. Xainexus Well-Known Player

    Had my comment removed. Maybe it was because of the reference to monkeys.

    All we've had is "We have an internal fix". NEARLY TWO WEEKS AGO.
    Come on guys please give us a bit more. Are we getting a hotfix or not?
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  7. Gant Well-Known Player

    Yes, please!
  8. Enickma Dedicated Player

    I badly want a fix for this.
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  9. Vodka Committed Player

    At least now I know this is a thing and not just my character being glitched.

    It's starting to get on my nerves.
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  10. DragonusDarque New Player

    I had no idea this was such a huge problem that has occurred for so long. There seem to be many bugs still present that were around when I played the first time (right after it went F2P on PS3). It seems to me that even the "small" think should have been fixed by now.
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  11. sayow55 Well-Known Player

    yeah i started a thread on this a while back. Spytle said it was a known bug but has never come back with when it will be fixed. i don't think they actually check the bug discussion. it's almost like it is beneath them to fix but it is a big pain!
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  12. sayow55 Well-Known Player

    oh and i had to pm spyltle to get that answer!
  13. Adam Komar New Player

    Can we at least get an Anonymous support group for this? I may have an episode if this isn't fixed soon.
  14. sayow55 Well-Known Player

    ok just played the city hall duo and noticed the devs had time to move one of the lanterns in the first arkillo fight and put in plants and benches. now this seems much more important then fixing things that change every login and the base inventory not being in alphabetical order(which is also on the bugs boards with people begging to get fixed). i ask you where are the priorities?
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  15. Original Kal Well-Known Player

    Everytime I log into a toon that has this issue I send them a bug report. It's ridiculous that they haven't fixed this issue.
  16. Dolfo Dedicated Player

    Right it's almost been a month:(
  17. Charles Williams/Freezo X Active Player

    yeah, I am having this issue too. its not major just annoying that's all. but please if you can fix it, I would love that. thnx
  18. Trinidad James Loyal Player

    Sigh... So I'm guessing this won't be getting fixed with GU 27? -.-''
  19. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    This fix is currently in GU 27, due out tomorrow.
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  20. Xolag Well-Known Player

    finally :D
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