PC Version Graphics are inferior to PS4 Version Graphics

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Torikumu, Feb 7, 2018.

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    I've noticed that the quality of the textures on the PC version of the game are inferior to the textures on the PS4 version of the game.

    Most recently, when I tested the Valentine's Day event on test and tried the new varsity jackets, I noticed that the texture quality, especially on the Gotham Academy letterman, was very low. The emblem is pixelated and has no legible text. However, when I acquired this chest tonight, on the live servers, I noticed that the quality on the PS4 version was significantly better.

    I assumed that my report in the testing thread had been looked at and remedied before the final version went live. But I've done additional testing with the help of Jafin, who is a PC based player, and the results of my investigation so far confirm that the PS4 graphics are better than the PC graphics by a noticeable margin.

    To test out my theory, I asked Jafin to join me in game, on the live servers. He positioned his character so that my character was in front of the camera on his client. We then both took screenshots at the same time. The lighting, environment, positions are exactly the same. The only difference between both screenshots are that one was taken on the PC and the other on the PS4.

    The screenshots themselves have not been adjusted or enhanced in any way. They have been cropped and had text placed on them, so you can identify which screenshot belongs to which system. Otherwise, the actual DCUO footage is 100% the same as to what you see in-game.

    Here are comparison shots (click to scale them to full size):

    Areas to look at: The emblem on the chest and the leather texture on the arms.

    Areas to look at: The metal band on the head style, the edges of the waste coat on the chest. The lack of detailing on the sleeves of the shirt.

    Just to clarify: Jafin states that the settings on his game are the absolute maximum they can be. So this isn't occurring because of the graphics quality being set to low on PC. The quality is equal to what I see on my PC client, too. He's running at 1080p, also.

    I've heard before of people mentioning the removal of a high quality graphics setting. But I know nothing of this as I've mostly played DCUO on PS3 and PS4. If anyone has any information or any further evidence to share, then please feel free to do so.

    If any devs read this, please advise on what I should do next. Do you need me to find further evidence? should I put a report on the Bug tracker? It'll take a considerable amount of time to track and document more evidence, so I don't want to waste my time doing it if it's not necessary.
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  3. Belthazur Dedicated Player

    So As A PC PLayer WHAT Should my IN Game Setting be set at. Never truly Fiddled with them
    BTW I am Running an inter HD Graphics 4600. (I know I am running a 4yrld PC)
  4. GalaxySniper Loyal Player

    [IMG]PlayStation Master Race?
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  5. JKwak Well-Known Player

    Some puplisher use to have some stupid deals with Sony and Microsoft and have to use inferior or the same graphics on pc versions.
    That's because Sony and MS wants their consoles to look better compared to PC.
    So maybe daybreak got financialy a better deal...
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  6. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    Sorry, I thought I'd replied to this.

    Jafin took the PC screenshots and he tells me that his settings are set to the maximum that you can achieve in DCUO. I think that equates to "Medium" texture quality and "High" Shadow details. He's also running the game at 1080p, so he's getting pretty much the best quality standard experience of DCUO (standard in the sense that he isn't playing it at 4K or anything).

    Despite this, as you can see from the screenshots, the textures don't have the levels of detail that my raw screenshots from the PS4 have. So even if you had your settings set to the max, in theory, if you're experiencing what this post is suggesting, you won't be getting as good of quality graphics as PS4 players are, currently.
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  7. Zarrove New Player

    Nice knowing there are hires textures out there, now to get the Devs to actually put them in to the PC version...
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  8. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    It's my understanding that the High setting that's missing today WAS available at Game Launch, but was disabled in fairly short order due to some problem or another. 7 years after the game launched, and it still hasn't been re-enabled. :(
  9. Zneeak Devoted Player

    Well there's a first for everything. Welcome to Bizarro Universe Online LOL!
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  10. velvetsanity Loyal Player

    I play on a Sager laptop with a gtx1070...laptop is literally the only way I *can* play 90+% of the time, I’m a truck driver and every time the truck starts to keep the batteries from going dead my inverter cuts out. And yes, I’ve noticed the same sorts of low-quality texture issues with the Prideful set (first time seeing PS4 images, though, and it’s upsetting to learn that playing on a $300 console looks FAR better than on my $3000 laptop.

    FIX THIS! :p
  11. velvetsanity Loyal Player

    Sorry about the tone of my last post here, this just makes me feel like ‘why did I even buy a laptop I won’t have to replace next month if I don’t even get to *use* it’s capabilities?’ and I had been under the assumption that the game was set up so it had the same quality on every system...
  12. GalaxySniper Loyal Player

    I've been waiting for years to say what I said lol. Best gamer moment ever for me lol
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    after all these years of PS3 threads,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    it's the PC that is holding back the improvements to the game.:eek::eek::eek:


    could not resist the temptation :p
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  14. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    How much longer before PC support gets cut? (Joking)
  15. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    I'm going to do some more testing over the week. If anyone has anything that the think looks low quality on the PC, let me know and I'll investigate.

    I'm going to check out Hippolyta, as per the link above, because she looks dreadful on that screenshot and I don't recall her ever looking that bad on PS4.
  16. GalaxySniper Loyal Player

    It's other daybreak games as well I think. There was a H1z1 player ranting about fps on his pricy computer
  17. velvetsanity Loyal Player

    Prideful textures are definitely low resolution. It’s most noticeable on the edges of the feathers. Use contrasting colors to make it stand out (I have white for the main color and black for the feathers). Also examine very closely for pinholes in the mesh of the chest and leg pieces (those may have been fixed, as I pointed them out to Megzilla a couple of months ago). It will be interesting to see whether those are also on the PS4 if they’re still there.
  18. Knarlydude Loyal Player

    It's basically any gear with smaller textures like feathers & scales.

    PC graphics were messed up when the PC & PS servers were merged. I stopped playing on my gaming PC because of it. I could tell the first day after the merge.
  19. velvetsanity Loyal Player

    Part of the problem is the graphics settings on PC. For texture settings, we only have “low” and “medium”. We don’t even *have* a “high” setting for textures. Which every time something reminds me of that, has annoyed me (any time I look closely at anything in game), especially since my laptop has a 4K display. And as I said above, I can’t even consider playing on PS - I’d lose power every half hour or so. More often if it’s cold enough out that I have to use the climate control system that’s tied to the truck’s engine for heat.
  20. Snow OwI Loyal Player

    I Realy hope they give us back the high ress textures we had in the beta.This is just stupid :(
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