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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by XODUIS, Aug 18, 2013.

  1. XODUIS Committed Player

    Wanted to get everyones opinions of tge new loot system, pros and cons of it. I personally am not so sure of this new system. I mean to be honest, its just Round Robin permanently. I mean the NGP loot is automatically given out to everyone some people get loot others dont. Thats exactly how Round Robin worked. I mean how will this work on terms of Weapons & Necks and rings? If people think this will get rid of ninja looting it will do the exact opposite, more people will get less and less chance of getting their role gear. I want to at least be able to have a fighting chance of getting my gear without it automatically being passed out. Personally i cant find a positive on this.
  2. BrownMamba New Player

    Have you been on the test server? If my memory serves me correctly everyone gets a drop from bosses.
  3. XODUIS Committed Player

    I saw somewhere that not everyone would get loot and that its not always role gear
  4. BrownMamba New Player

    Everyone gets loot but it might not be useable by you, it's totally random.
  5. Zpred Dedicated Player

    I prefer the way this loot system is going to be as to the way of rolling, everyone in the group is going to get the loot from that content/bosses loot table, they are not all going to get the exact same loot, a tank might get troll legs, exp plan, an a weapon..., then a troll may get troll chest, healer legs, fev, an a weapon. It all depends on what the generous loot table is willing to give lol, the upside to this though is no ninja looting and also the stuff you would only get to pass or greed on an not get you could end up getting, but at least it can be sold or salvaged.

    In an ideal world in which I believe most would prefer but I doubt would happen is your loot is specific to your role/off role only, so if I was a troll/dps I would only get troll or dps gear depending the role I was in, just like the supposed new vault system was supposed to be with the old promethium rings/necks ect.
  6. darkmoon caverns New Player

    Everyone gets loot.
  7. Galklife Dragon New Player

    Isn't round robin when one player gets all the loot, then the next player, then the next?
    The new system makes it so that all players get all the loot all the time.

    Think of it as needing on everything that drops and winning all the rolls, even if its stuff you don't need. The only downside to this system is filling your inventory with things you may have passed on, but at least you can salvage those things.

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