Only 1 real freeze/ice powers

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  1. freshchedda New Player

    Been ice since just after start up. But the only real ice power is the iconic "freeze breath". When you use that power, everyone hit gets stuck in a mound of ice and shivering. No other ice power does this at all. No matter how many ice powers you hit them with. Why????
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  2. DeitySupreme Dedicated Player

    Wintery tempest used to do this if I remember correctly but with dominance continued freezing turned enemies to ice cubes which meant dps weren’t able to damage them. So instead of fixing incasements they got rid of that interaction from ice
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  3. Jaden Law Active Player

    Because you should read descriptions of powers...
  4. freshchedda New Player

    I can read. Maybe I didn't phrase my question correctly. I was asking "why" is it(isn't it) this way. DietySupreme understood and satisfactorily answered my question.

    To that I say: ahhh, I guess I just never really paid attention to that until now. Or cared enuf about the intricacies of the game. Damn you dps!!! Thanks
  5. PTFreeze Well-Known Player

    well gadgets cryo foam freeze ppl into cubes ....tbh its so stupid with the ice power i mean we not even slow enemys down with it idk if ice isnt able to freeze someone its just a joke
  6. Royal Knight Kiryu Well-Known Player

    It’s that way because the developers caved to the noobs that constantly complained about ice encasing and freezing enemy targets, but will remain conveniently silent about the infinite stuns that come from electric arc Lightning. The way powers currently work in this game is 10 pounds of crap in a 5 pound bag. Taking a look at atomic DPS for a moment it’s combo cost is insane when compared to similar powers like a celestial, earth, rage, or hard light not to mention that none of those combos do extra damage to targets affected with the PI. It’s also the only power with a single target dot.
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  7. PTFreeze Well-Known Player

    i really hope someday ice get his FREEZE effects back fight cpt cold in the strykers island alert he freezes you and you fly ages around in an ice ball....the omacs in gotham are able to freeze your legs ....but the ice power we as gamer use is destroyed i was really enjoy the ice power before that change her today this is just a white colored power with nothing that makes here feel special anymore..
  8. Kimone Devoted Player

    A lot of the Encasement descriptions for Ice are severely outdated, like 0% of the suggested methods for Ice Encasement work any more and there's no "Chilled" PI these days, just Frostbite and "extra damage to Frostbitten".
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  9. dereksimms New Player

    If they just gave us a "slowed to root" on every channeled power then I'd have real fun in dps and wouldn't mind the fact that i have to choose between being able to cast the power at all (empowered channeling) and damage outpout (max damage). As of now i have to run a shield in dps because they jump on you so fast sometimes from across the room and now are all spread way out. And there's nothing to help you burn faster (AOE pull, real pi, other affects). I don't need ice to hit harder or get rid of all the channeling being the only options. that makes ice unique. BUT it'd be nice if i could say "ok , lowly minions. So you're just gonna interrupt that channel? Well that was my decoy channel power. Here's the real one. And now that you're rooted in/slowed by ice for about 2-3secs.....MELT *****!!!"
    *pun intended*
  10. Kimone Devoted Player

    Maybe switch one or two of the channeled powers to have an Encasement/Freeze proc - have another one break the Encasement. Which is directly how they handle Encasement in Mental and Gadgets. That way you can build a "clean" LO without Encasement, switch a power in, encasement. Because it's awfully weird that Ice (which specializes in freezing things) cannot actually freeze things.
  11. Shalayah Well-Known Player

    As a DPS. It’s annoying when a NPC gets encased and you can’t damage it until it breaks out. I wouldn’t be against encasement if it didn’t completely stop others from damaging the target to be honest.
  12. Shalayah Well-Known Player

    I accidentally replied to my quote instead of editing it :)
  13. Shalayah Well-Known Player

    The problem with encasement was that NPC players were immune to damage from other players. The fact that electricity stuns adds doesn’t affect the damage output of players like encasement does
  14. freshchedda New Player

    I can understand that being a problem. But then as I've we should at least be slowing them, and at best a freeze in place(stun). But we get nothing. No slowing, no stunning, no encasement. This is ice. It should do SOMETHING.
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  15. freshchedda New Player

    Basically, at least a 3rd of ice powers should do exactly what the iconic freeze breath does.
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  16. Royal Knight Kiryu Well-Known Player

    To be fair I never even brought up the tank side of ice. It entirely consists of shields with no healing ability outside of the super charge, so why did any developer in the game think it would be a good idea to introduce shield piercing mechanics and not update ice so it can at least heal like every other power. At least Earth can split the damage between it and it’s pet but Ice just gets bent over a glass table and railroaded with this weapons great crap.
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  17. DCUO 21Savage Level 30

    well there's an ice rework idea on the forums already btw adding heals and few abilities improvement
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  18. Royal Knight Kiryu Well-Known Player

    I’ll believe in these “changes“ to fix ice when they actually follow through with their promise to make stats matter by removing stat clamps. The last time ice had an issue with its powers not working the way they are intended to the developers took six months to repair what was “a top issue“ during that time they released three seasonals and two episodes. It is honestly more reasonable to expect that the second coming of Christ will be a Super Bowl halftime show in which he moonwalks like Michael Jackson to a Britney Spears song in the middle of a hurricane while curing cancer then to expect the developers to follow through on the promises of bringing better changes to the game.
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  19. DontCare97 Well-Known Player

    Tf has this post became anymore tbh got me confused about stuff
  20. DCUO 21Savage Level 30

    Well here's the ice rework post Ice Rework Idea | DC Universe Online Forums (

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