One Armor to Rule them All (Tier 5 PVP/PVE Armor)

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by The52, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. The52 Member

    To all of you awesome PVP players, this thread is mostly for your input. With the proposed DLCs slated for the future, there needs to be some endgame PVP component to this game. I personally hate having 2 separate cultures in this game and I just don't see the usefulness in grinding for 2 different set of armor, when most of the content is more toward 1 component (PVE). Just tell me, after you've purchased your last tier 4 PVP item; What do you do with your extra marks of strategy, convert them for another mark with no relevance? I'm merely stating that yes PVP is an integral part of this game, heck its probably a significant reason for DCUOs success, but there's almost no reason to even do PVP at endgame stage. I'd like to start up a some sort of petition to push for a Tier 5 armor that would have PVP and PVE stats (the cost of which could be the highest mark totals of the most expensive armor pieces in the game 40 Marks of strat, 3250 marks of triumph, 60 marks of war) making it truly the strongest armor in the game. What are your thoughts PVPers?
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  2. Hawkboy Member

    I've suggested this a few times now, but no one seems interested. Personally, I think it makes a lot of sense and would help merge the two cultures.
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  3. The52 Member

    Absolutely it would. It would also push players to have different skill sets to "complete" the game content.
  4. Death Throe Well-Known Member

    It's a nice thought, like having more than 4 amenities in your lair or more than 15 power points but it's just that, a nice thought. The game is vested in the dual gear system. It creates more of a time sink for players to have to spend additional time to get PvP gear. It lends longevity to the game and play time in general. It is not going away.
  5. Raijin1999 Well-Known Member

    The PVE/PVP armor disparity has caused several other issues over time. PVP is also something that more readily attracts casual players that eventually attempt to tackle PVE with the PVP mentality (and armor) equipped.

    I agree with the unification of the above by any means necessary. If that means we get sets of armor that have both a defense and toughness stat, or simply has one stat (defense makes the most sense) that applies for both damage type resistances then go for it.

    Spytle's POV was one I share too, with PVP being seen as a secondary feature to the game's primary PVE oriented features. Unify the marks completely and promote a unified growth system that rewards players evenly for playing any type of content and HOPEFULLY encourage people to play a bit of everything daily instead of forcing them to pick and chose one or the other.

    Though if it were up to me i'd completely get rid of 'armor' entirely and swap the system out in place for one based purely on user defined stat growth. The introduction of a stat tree would allow players to spend skill points directly into stats to fully customize a character as they see fit without the odd setup of gaining stat bonuses by filtering down through the weapon trees. Instead of armor drops it would be style drops and the whole shabang would be heavily feat-oriented, where every feat you gain can directly effect stats as you see fit. If the character you have in your mind's eye would only ever use brawling you should be able to create a build around that from the start, and not have to 'weapon hop' through the scrap drops you collect.

    Expanding the iconic power trees would also let players branch out of the restrictive cookie cutter system. It's been done before and it's worked better. It would be a huge boon for DCUO, I think, and would really give people a reason to set up alts as builds can become more diverse and players would have more immediate control over how the game is played 'their way'.

    I think we've outgrown the confines of the current design and it's become quite a bit stale in terms of flexibility. Opening this up would reinvent the game and tap into the waning customization options. What's more you wouldn't have to wait several months for a new power type to be released and then worry about balancing and rebalancing a whole power tree (or two), and could instead release powers bit by bit in the iconic tree and work off feedback as it goes. There's still plenty of generic powers that could be used but don't currently fit into the confines of building a relative power type to match.

    At the very least its something to keep an eye on for other MMO opportunities if DCUO has gone about as far as it can go in this regard.
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  6. freeloaders101 Member


    how about cross faction pve queues first to give the villains more playerbase to actually run content with rather then relying on a league and a host of contacts that only get on at raiding times and not be spoilt by having an around the clock raiding parties as it is on hero side ? wait heroes... dont want to give the villains anything in this game or forum.

    Why create more things that only really benefit heroes, most villains I know who pug or premade for pvp are beasts in pve and they only did it to get their skill points up/and like the game. They paid for both sets gear to have the day/week it came out...this idea flatters the players who dont pvp by making them skip t1,2,3,4 pvp gears. No thanks I dont want those players in pvp even if its to try it - as these players are the first ones to start reporting and complaining and calling players cheaters.
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  7. WhiteW0lf Well-Known Member

    That would be really cool. To be honest I dont PVP much but I would still grind like insanely crazy to get an armor set like the one you are proposing.
  8. The52 Member

    I wasn't advocating for PVP to go away, just a way to make it more relevant for endgame content, as it stands now, someone could get fully modded tier 4 without having to do any PVP except for the premade missions that we get early on.
  9. cravex15 Well-Known Member

    That sounds like a great idea. I think that would also really help make the game feel full-circle and bring more purpose to it all.
  10. Maxx_Watt Well-Known Member

    So youre saying i would have to do tier 5 raids in order to get PvP gear? No thanks I already have to grind PvE now as it is, which to me is the least enjoyable part of the game mainly due to the types of people who do PvE, I could see it now having to roll on that last piece which I've only seen drop once in 2yrs. No thanks again!
  11. Death Throe Well-Known Member

    My bad, I misread what you proposed. I thought you were advocating a single gear model for PvE and PvP content.
  12. BlackSuperGirl Active Member

    lets know the overpower pvp class/role after new DLC trinket, in order

    1. Ice/fire Tankers (they may tank 3-5 full t4 players without hp decrises and deals alot damage with area effect skills)
    2. Controllers (heals alot power and have high resistence agaisnt debuffs)
    3. Healers (high heal spam, range and high resistence agaisnt debuffs)

    they must be nerfed, put some weakness on this roles
  13. Phantasy2013 Well-Known Member

    I agree to this as to only have defense stat. I dont care to PvP and shouldnt be forced to. I would rather this purposed Tier 5 Gear takes Marks of Triumph and War to buy this armor. I feel toughness should be taken out completely and defense be used. There should be 4 different styles to this Tier 5 Armor as with Tier 4. This would be a powerful armor set but lets now forget future Tiers that will come out as well. I know this may sound like my head are in the clouds, but I hope for the Ultimate Gear of Tier 10 which stats are in the 1,000s (in my mind). The skies the limit Villains and Heroes.
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  14. The52 Member

    No I'm saying the only way to get T5 gear is to do both PVP and PVE, my T5 armor concept would cost a combined total of marks, which would include marks of strategy and not marks of tactics. That would make players have to grind PVP in order to obtain them.
  15. Octantis Well-Known Member

    Looking at the stats between PvP and PvE sets of the same tier, the stats are radically different. Armor created to accomidate both PvP and PvE would be too powerful for the current PvP community if it was to be usable in a T4, or even T5, setting.

    That's just my observation, though. I'm all for having the Armor of Sauron, but I'm not sure if PvP and PvE actually can be balanced together at all.
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  16. Phantasy2013 Well-Known Member

    That's the whole point in MMOs like DCUO...TO BECOME MORE POWERFUL!!! I wouldn't mind having the type of Armor The52 is speaking of. I still won't be in PvP, but at least I am given the option too. Like said before, have it as buying the new T5 or T6 so forth with 2 or 3 sets of Marks to earn that Gear. As a Villain, I want to be see the destruction of PvP Phase as a whole, but I would compromise for having a duel armor as such for my conquest. I don't understand some of you, who doesn't want to have the stamina, defense, and power like Black Adam or SuperMan? Why are you guys so content on staying at level 30 and only relying on SP? What is the big deal in having separate PvE and PvP Tier Armor when you are still playing your roles in PvP all the same like in PvE, except you're playing with other people? Just have a duel Armor or 1 Armor with high stats (with different designs of course). Why not provide PvP and PvE instances in one main phase along with the sub phases you have already. Just use three Marks aka Marks of Triumph, War, and Valor to earn the Tier Armor in the future. Marks of Legends should be only used to buy Legends. I read that plan for PvP 2013 and it is good, but the only thing missing is consolidating Armors. Devs, please take the time to hear others that have issues with the two separate Armor. PvP Tier Gear needs to go out the window along with those Marks of Tactics and Strategy which is about to exit out soon. I know that seasonal gear is coming out, but why not enhance it with Defense stats too, or just take out Toughness stat all altogether.
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