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    I've been running the iceberg lounge about 3 times a day for a week and so far I've gotten every single weapon except two handed. Is it based on weapons you've used a lot maybe? I've pretty much used every single weapon besides two handed, but it looks really fun and I'd like to try it. Can anyone help?
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    I think we all feel your pain but sadly all I can say is welcome to the wonderful world of DCUO 's RNG. It's all a game of chance. You could go a week and never see what your after and then a week later the thing is dropping so often it's ridiculous. Perfect example was tonight I was on playing my Cr 152 Speedster and on the same alert I got award boxes that both had Shoulders as an option. Well I grabbed both of those since it made it possible to up my CR on both the DPS and Troll roles. So okay then I join a duo and of the three award boxes i got there one had nothing i needed so I took a recipe. A second had a weapon that was higher so I grabbed that in a heart beat. Last box had nothing that would help out so I grabbed a THIRD set of shoulders because I figured they'd pay off the best when I salvaged them.

    You never know what your going to get and all you can do is keep trying. It gets too bad just go buy a weapon from the vendor.... Heads up on that suggestion I have done that on a few occasions when I had that 1 piece of gear i wanted desperately and it just was not dropping. The very next day the thing dropped and I wound up replacing what I bought .. and of course the difference in CR was so small it didn't change my Combat rating a bit, :eek:
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  3. Wonder Wiccan Dedicated Player

    Try running the Wayne manor gala duo and Harley's heist both drop same CR green items and Wayne manor duo also gives you a chance at a blue weapon box which let's you pick your weapon and the duo released before Harley's heist will give you a chance at a blue weapon box with items the same level as the green weapons.
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  4. Johnny0276 Dedicated Player

    If you get a weapon box drop. Respec for the weapon you want to use. Then open the box.