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  1. blazeing fire111 Loyal Player

    So do we have any Nickelback fans out here? If so whats your favoriste song by them?
  2. Battle Man New Player

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  3. Splinter Cell New Player

    Fifty bucks
    Little man
    Put that **** in my hands
    If the money does not show
    Then you owe me owe me OH!
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  4. Delta795 New Player

    I Googled Nickleback is a taste of what I found:
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  5. blazeing fire111 Loyal Player

    i dont get why people are hating on this awesome band? THey have more talent then that JUstin bieber crap.
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  6. Delta795 New Player

    Just messing hard feelings, just not my cup of tea.
  7. Ilunis New Player

    Hey, you made a thread...dedicated to one band.....and you wonder why there is hate on it?

    Boggles the mind.

    Also, I don't usually ride the Nickleback hate train, but, well, you kinda asked for it.
  8. recespieces31 New Player

    I am not a fan nor do I like their music

    IMHO, these guys are better:
    Red Hot Chili Peppers
  9. Delta795 New Player

    Just for you then Dirty Villain:
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  10. Battle Man New Player

    I don't care for most things.

    Only metal will do.
  11. Azreaus Well-Known Player

    I really like Nickelback...

    really, really, really do not understand the hatred for them (at least it's not Rap/Dance/Justin Beiber)
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  12. Michael Woodruff New Player

    I don't know either but I havent listened to that band ever so...... I guess my opinion is null and void?
  13. Deathmark New Player

    Again proof positive that canadians should never ever ever be allowed near a musical instrument (I'm allowed to say this because i'm canadian). And with that, i'm out.
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  14. MetaMax75 New Player

    What the **** is the internet?
  15. MetaMax75 New Player

    If my only choices are Nickleback and Justin Bieber I vote...

  16. Battle Man New Player

    No way dude, Kataklysm and Annihilator both hail from Canada and flat out lay waste to ALL who oppose them!


  17. Battle Man New Player

    A wise decision.

    A second option might be a...

  18. Breakforce New Player

    I'm just glad we shipped them south to you guys.
  19. Breakforce New Player


  20. MetaMax75 New Player

    It's cool we are continuing the trend and deporting them to Mexico. Can Guatemala be far behind?

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