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Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Link99xz, Mar 2, 2013.

  1. Link99xz Active Member

    So I'm siting here and looking around and all i see are when are we getting new raids or alerts. What about T4 solos? I like to fight doomdays solo or help out power girl So what about all of you? Who do you want to fight and who do you want to help?? Also i'm not talking about the solo missions from the t4 op's
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  2. The Kitsune Well-Known Member

    That is really hard to say, because I want to fight and help everyone. But If I could fight anyone at all I would just so love to put a beat down on Titanic Trenton. I do not know why But I really want to do this.
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  3. Exostorm Active Member

    But, we just got new T4 solos...
  4. Azrael Well-Known Member

    yea OP means tier 4 challenges.. I think they should use the mentor missions we don't have access to and turn them to tier 4 challenges with the next update...--keeping fingers crossed**
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  5. Link99xz Active Member

    Thanks for clearing that up. But yea. I feel you there i want too see a mission with Titanic Trenton i mean he's all over the place.
  6. Lelouch Well-Known Member

    yes to t4 challenges missions
    no to titanic trenton :)
  7. Link99xz Active Member

    i was jokeing about that .lol
  8. Tocimus Active Member

    then us non batman mentored could farm something with an iconic drop as well.
  9. Ankh_Legacy Well-Known Member

    Yes to more challenge modes and solos in general.

    I am one that thinks a more balanced game of solo and group material makes for a better game all around. Though i think those who are desparate for new raids wont take this idea well.
  10. Link99xz Active Member

    i could care less about them. they need to know this game is not about raiding all the time. it's about going solo
  11. Alan Scott Active Member

    That's a pretty good idea ! :)
  12. Alitain1 Active Member

    I'm in. I'm more a solo player especially because it just doesn't seem like a great group environment nowadays. I just seem to have bad luck and bad people so it keep convincing me to just stick to solo challenges even though I wont get marks anywhere near as fast. I have been trying to drop into an alert now and again lately but eh.

    I really hope they get T4 challenges soon. I don't think any tier should be stuck as only group content, it's not fair to people who maybe don't want to group, or have trouble getting groups. Time is also a factor. Sometimes I don't have time to sit and queue for a group especially when half the time the group just doesn't work out or it takes forever to get the alert done.

    Since challenges are suppose to be enhanced missions we've already done I think for the most part this leaves the mentor specific missions and the high level ones like the Gotham University(which is already a duo) one or the Aquaman mission. Those ones I think would make sense for bumping to challenge status for T4 or even T5. Even if there's only maybe two T4 challenges and then two for T5, at least have something.
  13. Statman Well-Known Member

    I'm sure when T5 arrives, they'll start expanding on tier 4 a lot more, including more alerts (since we're getting Inner) duos and challenges as well.
  14. X-zero Well-Known Member

    They will probably just convert the three final mentor missions into t4 challenges by the summer.
  15. Azrael Well-Known Member

    exactly what X-zero said. I can't wait!
  16. Azrael Well-Known Member

    love more solo stuff!... cuz lets face it once we get all the gear form home turf missions most of us aren't gonna play them again
  17. ArcSin1 Active Member

    Id love to get the Monarch playing cards instance for villians, that was my original lair way back when i was a hero.
  18. ArcSin1 Active Member

    I recomend doing LoA & Oan for alerts, those are the only 2 i do on a regular basis.
  19. BA Baracus Active Member

    Clayface, Cyclone, Etrigan, Vandal Savage, Blue Beetle, Captain Atom, Jonah Hex, Amazos, Soloman Grundy, Metallo, and more Deathstroke
  20. Alitain1 Active Member

    LoA was actually my first T2 alert(back before the change up), as soon as I finished my T1 I went for it. Came in at the last boss before Ra's, but still it was alright. I've done it once since, the complete thing. It was a headache at first but not a horrible alert. I've also done Oan once, not a bad one. If that's the one room with waves of enemies one. The other GL alert where you have to fight one of the bosses in a chamber where you're health constantly drops pisses me off. But yeah, those two aren't bad and I really should get myself to do more alerts if I want to get my T3 in less than a year(or more, haha!).

    I also wouldn't mind if we could have access to the first part of the mentor lv 15 missions. Since we only get the second part we miss out on feats/collections/etc, we really should get both parts and just jump from part one straight to part two. Oh well I guess, it's not impossible to get into the mentor specific missions it can just take some time doing so since you gotta get lucky when you're on in getting people to take you in.

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