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  1. SERPENTXOFXGOD Well-Known Player

    I love the update 1 thing I didnt understand is why not just throw in the white mods on the same tab? Would of be Oranized and more compact. Thank you for bringing Dcuo back. Continue to kick butt. I have so many Ideas I hope I can express them one day to you guys.
  2. Yes We Can Active Player

    Because throwing in the white mods would make too much sense. That is always the case, I might add.

    The modding system was fine how it was but needed to be progressive (unattached) and able to be upgraded without the need of replacing the mod itself. Such as: having a separate tab in the mainframe that has all the mods listed from head to foot, insert mod, acquire new plan, select mod and select upgrade and upgrade it. You still need parts and pieces like simples and bytes, but no essences or that new amazon fury part 3+ nonsense.

    This includes all white mods and it doesn't need a full revamp of making new weird bytes or whatev as it just needs a new home and an upgrade option. that's all. We can have multiple mods per item piece and we just simply select which one we want and imprint it to the armory, and if in battle you want to swap mods, simply select your desired piece and select a new mod to activate. This is coming from the mainframe so its not attached to us. think of it like a suit that draws it power from somewhere else (mainframe) and all we do is 'select what we want' and boom, we have it on the fly.

    And to respond to your 'bringing dcuo back' thing, this new thing is not dcuo and neither is modding in the first place. don't know how long you've been playing but that is a very shortsided view not to be a ***** but welcome to dcuo and the new revamp every year for something else.
  3. SERPENTXOFXGOD Well-Known Player

    I am sure I been on this game before you. I am the original player who beat paradox wave when it was Released and not the nerf version of it...( 10 nerfs and counting) lol. But thank you for your take on the mod system. It just would of made sense to compact it together.

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