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  1. OistyTDC New Player

    Hi everyone.
    So I took a break from the game and uninstalled it from my PC. I have reinstalled and logged in with the correct Daybreak ID. I checked and the daybreak ID I am using is the one with the most recent activity and when I check which characters are associated with it, my most recent character is on there. However, when I log into the game it makes me first create a new character and then when I go to switch characters there are no other characters there and it also says that there is no characters to restore (checked this in case I deleted them all) even though my last activity was in August so well within the 90 days. Does anyone have any suggestions. I am trying another full install of the game as trying to uninstall this game is a nightmare.
  2. Berza Committed Player

    If you are in PC, check you are trying to enter the right server, at the top left of the launcher.
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