Military Tech Feet (Healer)

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Umi, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. Umi New Player

    Has anyone seen them in game yet? Or has anyone read anything concerning when they will be added (Soon™)? This style feat haunts me still...
  2. Yui Loyal Player

  3. AlwaysFumbles New Player

    Yes I have seen them in game. Came from alert reward box:
    Spec-Ops Plated Boots

    I would just give up on getting feat until they add to the game in another place or you wanna buy a respec token.
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  4. Jiek New Player

    I got mine from a weekly award box for a T2 alert. I've never seen them drop from a boss of any kind.
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  5. Umi New Player

    Nice! A'box farming, I go~. Thank you for the information, Fumbles & Jiek. :)
  6. Ganf3rman New Player

    Did you have any luck with feet yet, and do you guys remember what was the alert you got it from ?

    Umi you got same exactly same characters as I do - nature, gadgets, earth :p

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