Low Level Content No Longer Organized.

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  1. The Blinder Well-Known Player

    Over the couple of years I have played DCUO I have noticed a decline in organized low level content, what I mean by organized is non PUG groups. All I see now is PUG groups and it takes forever to get enough people especially to do a raid. Even just queing up solo into a group takes some time. This shows that the community has more players doing new content and has no incentive to do lower tier content much. Which means the game is now more balanced to newer content and the low end content is now a free for all crap show. New players will not enjoy grinding when they can't find decent groups or have to wait in loooooong ques. We need a new type of grouping feature to fix this problem. Or maybe it's just we have to many old players and not many new players who stay.
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  2. Casey Jones Active Player

    yes I would generally agree with your assessment in particular regarding the villian side que times

    the crosshairs which show on certain on duty content for denoting that players from both factions can jump into the same que for that content was a great addition but I feel like there are still many content that don't have these crosshairs which means que times for those runs are as atrocious as they always were in the past before this crosshair crossfaction feature existed, but I guess at the same time I can understand how some content wouldn't make sense to have heros jump in on to help villians because it's villians fighting iconic hero npc's and whatnot
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  3. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    Content with the suicide squad enabled has nothing to do with who we fight. They chose to implement it in paid, non-operation content. Only content we purchase as part of episodes was included, and only content that had no open world component was included. The other content will be added later, assuming those plans are still in place.