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    Hello there potential Lonestars member :)

    Firstly, thanks for taking the time to check out our recruitment thread and (hopefully) thinking about joining the team!
    Soooo.... a little about Lonestars? Well, we've be around for over 2.5yrs (937 days to be exact, thanks GU39!) and are a Hero based PVE league (we also PVP, mostly Legends) on the USPC server. Lonestars was founded by myself and a few other members who splintered away from other leagues to take our gaming in a new direction.

    The Lonestars of today has a bunch of core dedicated members from all over the world who just enjoy gaming, chatting and, ultimately, saving the world! We're active on Teamspeak and found that it's really enhanced the game and added another social layer into the DCUO gaming experience. Most of us are 103+ but we run all content and seem to always be alting as well as bringing new members through content & level/gear progression.

    So that's a little about us :) now, here's some info on the type of member we're looking for:

    1. A good positive minded and social gamer (we use teamspeak a LoT).
    2. Mature and respectful (maturity has no age limit btw) no drama please, we already have jobs etc.
    3. There is no minimum Combat Rating requirement or specific level needed to be in LS - that all comes in time regardless. If you enjoy DCUO and are committed to sticking around, that's more important to us.
    4. People who are open to listening and learning as needed.
    5. Premium+ Access preferred. DLC packs are not required to join but are ultimately alsmost required to progress, you may have to get some at some point to do additional raids etc.
    6. People who will uphold our values and represent the League with pride.

    So what do you need to do from here?

    Just reply to this post using the information format below and we'll be in touch :D

    1. Character name
    2. Character power type
    3. Character role
    4. Character SP/CR (for reference)
    5. How long have you been playing?
    6. What country are you from?
    7. Are you happy to use Teamspeak3 for voice chat?

    If you want to put anything else about yourself in your application, you're more than welcome but I'm sure we'll get to know you pretty well soon enough. Feel free to PM/email any of the below contacts in-game to chat about joining!

    Gun Sorciere
    Neutron Mentalist

    www.lonestarsgaming.com :)