LaunchPad won't open.

Discussion in 'PC Technical Support' started by OpticRanger, Jul 27, 2013.

  1. OpticRanger New Member

    The Launchpad doesn't open when I try to open it.
  2. TSR-AlexS Customer Service

    Please make sure all your antivirus/firewall programs have both the DC Universe.exe programs as well as the launchpad.exe programs set as an exception.
  3. Lantern's Light Member

    have you looked over it yet?? Its almost been about a week and I sent a message to sean
  4. LadyLightning Well-Known Member

    What happens when you try to open it? Maybe a black window with the SOE-sign in it?
  5. TSR-AlexS Customer Service

    Light, I'm sorry you haven't received a response yet. Send me the reference number and I'll take a look over it.
  6. Beelzebram New Member

    I myself am having difficulty. the SOE Launchpad wont launch when I try to launch it it flashes my screen then goes back to desktop.
    My system information below
  7. TSR-AlexS Customer Service

    We're going to need more information so I highly recommend submitting in a support ticket with both your Dxdiag/msinfo so we can further assist you!

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