Lantern Ring Accessory.. some thoughts

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    I've retired as per my sig, but I log every month (lifetime membership) for my DBCash .. and then I noticed a load of new Lantern content.. well I'm a huge fan of the Lantern mythos and SigmaAtom when I first signed up was supposed to be a Blue Lantern (Aug 2011).

    My female char is a Star Sapphire.. well really a Red Lantern.. moonlighting as a Red Lantern.



    I *really* enjoyed the Lantern Backups and Orbital Strikes and this got me back in to the game somewhat.. I came back just to organise the correct Backups/Orbitals with the correct armories.

    I am aware of a dichotomy .. the situation that we will never have new powers and so we will never have new Lantern Powers and that DC Comics has told Dimensional Ink/Daybreak they are restricted as far as powerset colour goes.. I have given up on a Lantern Healer coming to DCUO.. it's not going to happen, no matter how badly I advocate for it or want it.

    This leads to a strange RP dichotomy.. we can't RP with Lantern Ring accessories and change power colour to match and we have no new powers coming.

    Now you could say.. oh just RP it and imagine.. but that's not good enough for me and spoils the story I am telling myself while RP'ing.

    I've came to the point where I just give up and want a Lantern Ring accessory, even if the powers colours don't match.. a left handed ring so if we are already a Lantern it wouldn't interfere with our other ring.

    But even this small concession cannot happen due to DC's policies on powersets.. and Daybreak won't make a whole new powerset so..

    This is what I was thinking.. if the Devs have anything to add or clarify.. I would heartily welcome any news or thoughts on Lantern powers.


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    huh? was something not clear? okay.. if so.. I'll take that criticism. To be clear.. I am asking if the Devs would change their mind and provide a Lantern Ring accessory.

    If its anything else, kindly, just say.
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    Does not make sense.
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    I speak 4 languages and study philosophy and I am still confused.

    Congratulations. You are more confusing than Michel Foucault.
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    I seem to recall you make far worse request lol.

    Overall I just don’t see this happening unless they can “stretch” what the accessory is called. Dc is extremely protective over their lanterns and giving out accessories that imitate rings may not be allowed to happen. Look how long it took them to even give us green auras. Not saying it can’t happen. Just that I doubt it will be allowed to happen.
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