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Discussion in 'PC Technical Support' started by Sertico91, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. Sertico91 New Member

    From about 4 days cant play the game because of lag..cant do allert/raid or anything..when i log in, it takes abou 3 min to enter..and the same time for loading well the loadout,chat and all..dont know why now i'm lagging..up to 4 days ago everything was fine without lag..
    Pls Help the game now is unpleyable
  2. OnceUponATime Well-Known Member

  3. Charme Member

    So I'm not the only one that has this problem... at one time I even thought it was my internet provider but after they assured me the problem is not with my internet im starting to wonder if I will ever play dc proper again .... the lag has got so bad that I cant even farm exsobytes....
  4. Sertico91 New Member

    Yes..can't explain's not the internet connection..
  5. OnceUponATime Well-Known Member

    Then it's probably not "lag" it's a performance issue. Have a look and see if you can see an obvious cause - for example, if you're encountering a memory leak in DCUO (or anything else you're running) that could degrade your performance, or if something is eating all your processor power. Unfortunately poor performance can be caused by so very many things it's quite hard to narrow down. Are you experiencing problems with any other software? Can you think of anything that's changed in the last few days (assuming it ran fine before that)? Any other software you're running that's updated, especially things likely to have an impact on DCUO (drivers, security software etc), maybe see if you have any hardware/software in common in case it's something like that.
  6. Sertico91 New Member

    Ye i checked if there is other software/or anything that could degrade my performance, but nothing..I Use game booster for play the game, so all other porcess/software who could be eating my cpu was disabled..i try to enter on TestSever and it's work fine there.. instead it the real game there is still that "lag"
  7. OnceUponATime Well-Known Member

    The test server works fine but this one doesn't? That is really weird o_O

    Might want to try clearing/renaming your old logs I guess, the combat one in particular just seems to grow and grow, but if they were going to cause a problem you'd expect to see a gradual rather than a sudden decline.
  8. Sertico91 New Member

    yea it's really weird.. so how can i clearing/renamin my old logs?

    and thx very much for your help
  9. OnceUponATime Well-Known Member

    Under My Documents\My Games\DC Universe Online\
    There should be three folders in there, Logs is game logs, SaveData has your chat/display settings and cached info on your characters (so you can see them when the servers are down) and ScreenShots is fairly self explanatory. You can delete the whole lot or just rename the DCUO folder there to some like "DC Universe Online Old" and it'll create a new one the next time you run the game.

    In the folder you have installed DCUO to (usually in program files somewhere):
    UNREAL3\DCGAME there should be a config folder
    ENGINE there should be a config folder also.

    By all means back them up before deleting them, but in theory if you get rid of these you should have reset DCUO to a sort of clean slate. It should generate new settings/log files the next time it runs. If it doesn't have any effect you can always put the old files back so you have your settings back again.
  10. Sertico91 New Member

    Done but no improvement...dont know whats going on...
  11. Sertico91 New Member

    Pls anyone can help? it take 2 min for loading map/radar/loadout,chat..cant join allert/raid or anything because of that..The Test Server works fine, but real game not..
  12. OnceUponATime Well-Known Member

    Have you tried contacting support? I'm baffled. I could understand if live and test both failed to work properly but there really shouldn't be a huge amount of difference between the two, certainly not enough to cause the sort of results you're seeing.
  13. Sertico91 New Member

    Yea, I send a ticket to Soe and i'm waiting for a respond..another thing is when i go into the game the User Interface it takes 2 min for appear and loading completely. On Test Server there isn't that problem.
  14. OnceUponATime Well-Known Member

    I'm wondering if you did a complete uninstall of live and clean up (ccleaner or similar) and then copied your test install to wherever you normally install to, pointed the setup at that and said repair (thus hopefully avoiding having to download lots of data), whether that might have an effect.

    If there's something wrong with the files that the validate isn't picking up on...

    (At this point I scroll back and realise at no point have I suggested validating your files. There's an option in the launcher that checks over your existing files and fixes any errors it finds. Have you tried that? If not try that first!
    It's normally the first thing I'd suggest but I was slightly derailed because we were originally talking about lag. )

    then you would be replacing them with files you know are good (from test), plus getting rid of any legacy rumbling around your system from the previous install.
  15. Sertico91 New Member

    Yes, i try that Validate option in the launcher, but no errors..
  16. Sertico91 New Member

    So that is the point. When I log into the game User Inerface(Loadout/chat/ map, All) it takes 2 min for loading..and can't use weapon..after this 2 min, when i try to do some istance, to hit enemies it takes 5/6 when you's really FRUSTRATING...
    When i go to Test Server All is Fine! What is the Problem?
  17. OnceUponATime Well-Known Member

    Don't suppose you tried the rest of my suggestion other than just the validate?
  18. Sertico91 New Member

    yes I tried all the suggestions that you told me..but nothing..
  19. Sertico91 New Member

    so still no fix.. could it be because of their migration server?
  20. OnceUponATime Well-Known Member

    Migration server?
    I'm out of ideas, I'm afraid. I'd be interested to know what support recommend to you (when they get back to you).

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