Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox

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    Just watched, and I have to say, the movie did a great job sticking to the original storyline. The animation was great (although Aquaman's and Thomas's physiques were so buff, it was kind of comical, but I quickly saw past that), the acting was very believable, and I love that they made the dialogue and details (no censors) as realistic as possible.

    Has anyone else seen it yet? What'd you think?
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  2. General Zod 10000 Post Club

    It was good however some bodies and lips where a bit um... different.
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  3. Free2BeMe Loyal Player

    Haha, yeah, the physiques, like I said, were kind of weird, but the overall film itself was awesome, IMO.
  4. Treat New Player

  5. Free2BeMe Loyal Player

    My bad! I looked through at least three pages, didn't see any. So I decided to create one....
  6. Light Of Ace New Player

    I watched it and I did love the story on a whole but the few things they changed, Wonder Woman actually loving Aquaman, the lack of Terra and Geoforce, changing the entire cause of the war to a jealous lovers spat. All that kinda got under my skin. I will say that I was still entertained and thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

    Now if they keep with new 52 costumes in the next movie that would be great.
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  7. Larfleeze New Player

    Well, the next movie is an adaption of the first Justice League Nu52 arc, so...
  8. Light Of Ace New Player

    I was not aware of that actually lol. Thanks though, off to Google for research :)
  9. Yeah that Eddie Committed Player

    Wow! All I could think of from you response was.....
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  10. Treat New Player

    Lol yes. :eek: I saw like maybe 3 or four threads spawn after the other thread.... granted not all at once. XD
  11. isamunore New Player

    the next movie is titled justice league:war and picks up 5 minutes after flashpoint where darkseid invades the earth and the 52 justice league is created.
  12. Light Of Ace New Player

    Your half right. I did the research and if they are following the story from the comic the way it went, this will all be flashback as it was the first time the Justice League was formed. Which was to fight Darkseid yes but before this point none of the leaguers had met other than Green Lantern Hal Jordan and The Flash Barry Allen. At least that's how the comic went.
  13. Has2besaid Committed Player

    Saw it last night and loved it. A couple of the original Justice League voice cast was in it, the art was okay and in my opinion it was better than the comic series. The main reason I felt it was better is because it started off by giving the Flash some time in the spotlight on his own, something we don't get to see often in the cartoons. He is usually comic relief, but here when he was facing off against his Rogues, he seemed like a serious and competent hero. (Though I don't buy how he stopped Zooms explosive.)

    The violence was unlike anything I've sen in a DC animated movie so that was a welcome change. However, my favorite part was seeing the Aquaman Family fighting along side Manta and Ocean Master in this universe against the Amazons. What a great shout out to Young Justice fans it was having Mera, Kaldur using his waterbearers,Tempest (the originl Aqualad) and Tula all kicking butt and looking how they did in young justice. Black Manta once again was a badass. It all screamed the question: Where is our Atlantis DLC/Expansion???!!!!???

    At the end of the credits they have an additional scene. I stumbled acorss it by accident myself. Nothing to write home about but if you didn't see it you ight want to wait until after the credits roll in your second viewing.

    The sneak peek at War was discouraging to me not because of the switch to New 52, but because of the new voice actors they plan on hiring. Conroy and Fillion forever please.

    Definitely a good movie. In honor of it, I think I'll go hunt down the Rogues in Gotham and Metropolis.
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  14. Jake New Player

    Didn't even finish the movie honestly.

    Couldn't see past the terrible, terrible lips and the crazy buffness of many of them. Aquaman was so... Big. Superman looked so... Odd.

    Flash was the ONLY normal looking one imho. Was not a favorite of my DC movies (though I did just pick up the old '90s Cartoon movie where Batman and Superman team up, which is a great one)

    Mask of the Phantasm remains one of my all time favorite DC animated movies
  15. Mint Stiletto Loyal Player

    One of my all time favorites too, the Joker is awesome in that flick, best on screen Joker ever.
    "DON"T TOUCH ME OLD MAN!...I don't know where you've been" lol great line. Probably will never be a better on screen Joker than that movie.
    At the end when the Island is going up in explosions and he just starts hysterically laughing. Great stuff.
    "I can see the headlines now..The councilman and his wacky pal" LOL I could go and on , so many great Joker lines delivered spot on by Mark Hamil.
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  16. Jake New Player

    Yeah, Mark Hamill does a great Joker for sure :D
  17. Volaron New Player

    Loved the movie. Was awesome. Anything Flash focused gets a A from me.
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  18. MadFacedKid Active Player

    If they were to include the Aquaman Family I hope they go comic versions I like the Garth-Grayson, Tula-Barbarra and Jackson Hyde-Tim Drake. The movie was well written but I was looking forward to Geo-Force guy is so underrated for his powers. Conroy as Batman!
  19. Epic Wins New Player

    It was a great movie, the deaths were gruesome though but that really brought realism to it. You should check out The Animated Movie "The Dark knight Returns Part 2", I think you'll enjoy it.
  20. Chuccles New Player

    I wanted to watch it because I heard that the part about the Thomas's letter was very emotional in the comics lol but I thought the movie was awesome especially with the whole aquaman squad. I expected to see circe with wonder woman but you cant have it all

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