Just complaining about Booster Bundle's.....

Discussion in 'Joker’s Funhouse (Off Topic)' started by Heero, Aug 26, 2013.

  1. Heero New Player

    i bought 6 of these things now..... AND...... no plasma aura...... 4 purple 2 white..............

    Why do you taunt me so.........
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  2. Statman New Player

    Seems like you got 4 of them, lol.

    Plasma* was a chance item, buying the pack so desperately to get one was probably not the smartest idea (at least in my opinion, lol).
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  3. Heero New Player

    yeah i know... i really didn't spend that much i only spent $30 cause i bought the best buy cards and got 60 and still had some left over from when i bought dragons prophit lol. like i said im just complaining to complain. im not to upset just irritated i got 4 purples lol the luck i have :(
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  4. alloygt New Player

    I only bought one and got a...

    blue. Bet you thought I'd say plasma. Nope not this guy, lol. It was still worth it to me because of the discount on the total package of items we received. I didn't buy more because I know my luck...I could have bought ten and gotten all blues and purples since that's all I've found in lockboxes so far. Still it would have been nice to boost my in game wallet a bit.

    I would be curious to see the overall numbers of how many were purchased and how many actually contained the plasma for pc and ps3 each.
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  5. thirty six New Player

    I have a plasmic sitting in my bank and I'm open to entertaining offers :0) ps3
  6. MENTaLCAsE XIII New Player

    [IMG]How about a white one [IMG]
  7. MENTaLCAsE XIII New Player

    trade you some stacks i cant give cash - premium ;)
  8. Havoc Ryu New Player

    I was saving up to buy a next plan, then I saw a plasmic in the broker for 50mill. Bought it. Saw another one for 30, bought that one too. Now I have 2 in my bank, gona hold on to them for a while. People seemed to think that the plasmic would become a drop after the bundle went away. I had to explain in 60 characters or less.... ****in trade chat.... that it would be extremely unfair to make it a drop item after so many pad REAL MONEY to try and get one of these, only to have it drop for every little ******. The fact that the bundle said in writing EXCLUSIVE TO THIS BUNDLE..... makes me question some peoples comprehension. ANYWAYS, what I was getting at before my little rant was, I plan on selling them at a later date, or possibly trading for a prec&might expet plan, or next plan. Bottom line once theyre gone, theyre gone. Exp, plans drop every day. Add me in game or send me a tell, if you are interested. NO PSN CARDS!

    Edit* Name is actually HavocRyu
    Hero USPS3
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  9. Heero New Player

    i gave the other aura's to some friends sorry guys i would hand them out if i still had them i have all the other aura's lol. yeah the excusive thing was what got my attn. i can't complain about not having things that others don't have.... i still have my batman inspired mask and my collectors edition bat drone :)
  10. Mont New Player

    "exclusive" to the bundle, but after bundle is gone, it could drop anywhere anytime, ol bait n switch tactic
  11. Tule New Player

    I bought 1. For funsies. No aura. Oh well. I farmed a few hours. Bought one off AH. Problem solved. Though now that you can't buy them anymore that might get harder and harder. Plasmic Aura 600mil!! in a few months probably.
  12. Mont New Player

    auras are annoying
  13. ncgreenlantern Loyal Player

    I bought two didn't get one had to buy it in the auction house it cost me 50 million .
  14. MENTaLCAsE XIII New Player

  15. PureDarkness New Player

    I bought one bundle, and got a white aura... Now I think what character should I use it on...
  16. PureDarkness New Player

    Nope, I thought there was a pic there and I waited for it to load... but then I continued reading your text.
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  17. Mont New Player

    glad i didnt buy one, waste of time lol
  18. IThe MasterI New Player

    P.S. I'm glad the word "obstinate" seemingly impresses you. -wth?? o_O LOL x2smh
  19. IThe MasterI New Player

    I love this. ^.^
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  20. IThe MasterI New Player

    P.S. Celestial Powers are Pretty Badarse yo'! ha ha ha > : )

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