Just an idea....

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Kharhaz, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. Kharhaz Committed Player

    Why don't we have the watch tower middle room for queues?

    To make myself clear, place points where we can show we are available for content. Now I know we have the On Duty menu, but why not make a room available where we can advertise our self?

    Lets say im looking to do a trigon level, the options I have as a tank is to repeat myself over chat, or queue up. This doesn't work for me. However what could work is one room where we have access to all players.

    I access an online terminal and can find every person im looking for. I need a controller 70 cr+ there he/she is. I also need a dps 70+ there they are.

    Wouldn't it be nice to rather than constantly spam chat with "tank here for trigon", we have a system in place where we are constantly advertising yourself? Just have have one big database on players looking for games.
  2. Vulmyss Dedicated Player

    Well what your saying sounds like matchmaking.
    If you don't want long waits get into a league that does pve a lot.
  3. Kharhaz Committed Player

    Like I said, its just an idea. Why not look for better ways at matchmaking? Not everyone can walk into a league.
  4. Vulmyss Dedicated Player

    I have no ideas, and I don't like the idea of standing around in an area waiting for someone.
    I can see it being a prime place for trolls to hang out. Giving people hope but not joining groups.