Just a Vent thread..

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Ringz, Oct 9, 2016.

  1. Ringz Dedicated Player

    I can't wait till this stat update revamp and everything with it comes through. Some people need to be taught a lesson. #BatmanOp #ChildishBehavior
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  2. Delta796th Loyal Player

    Yeah...you tell em!!
  3. Nicolas Gallardo Committed Player

    I played with you today Delta... or it was someone with a similar name.
  4. Delta796th Loyal Player

    Yup that was me on the RIT run
    Thx for the invite
  5. CHUD Loyal Player

    Here's my vent......

    DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!
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  6. BigAl Devoted Player

    Dang you, I was Googling a gif for this!
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  7. xXHeadlinerXx Dedicated Player

    It doesn't sound like a quitting thread but just in case:

    Can I have your stuff?
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  8. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    It's not. One of my in game friends talked smack to him last night after beating on Ringz in a Legends match and Ringz got upset. Why did my friend talked smack to him? I have absolutely no idea. He was feeling "frisky" shall we call it because normally he's quiet.
  9. Ringz Dedicated Player

    Ahhh, so it was one of your peeps huh. Well your buddy must've been having one hell of a bad day and I just so happen to be in his way. That whole fight was nothing but him being the true definition of "Hate". Then afterwards when I confronted him about it, he just went straight child mode so I just let him fill my pm tab for the next 5mins.

    I thought it was just one of those petty fight someone, trash talk and thats it type of thing. But for you to know what this thread was about.. Man, my presence must bring the worst out of people. Nice to know I have the power to control emotions :D.
  10. CHUD Loyal Player

    .....well.....I had to air some things out.....[IMG]

    Now that is over with,....things are cool......
  11. Wallachia Devoted Player


    Made a thread to vent -> tries to make people believe he's the one bothering others.
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  12. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    For the record, just so it is out there, it wasn't a member of OPT on a alt. lol. Just a in game friend who mentioned the interaction to me.
  13. light FX Steadfast Player

    I have no idea what this thread is about :confused: Pretty confused
  14. Moxley Mayhem Dedicated Player

    I'll tell you what's petty, this thread.
  15. Ringz Dedicated Player

    Oh please ! Just like the I quit threads, ain't nothing wrongly done here then me saying I can't wait for a update to put people in there place. I haven't name dropped someone, or said F this game etc etc. Besides, so and so part of his tantrum to me was to stop posting on forums so this also had part of reason why I made a thread here(plus noone was on to talk to when I fought the guy).

    Venting is good for psyche and the soul, holding it in is just a nono. Since no league mates were there and like i said above, just my op was enough to move on with my day. I only replied here again because allen knew what this was about and I was surprised it got out of reach between that guy and me legend fight. So now I know i control someone hatred and that makes me feel even better tbh lol
  16. Moxley Mayhem Dedicated Player

    The fact that you didn't name drop anyone doesn't hide how petty you're being. Regardless, you indirectly took a shot at somebody, that's all it takes. And look what happened in this thread, someone picked up on what you were doing, and exposed you for it. You're just as petty as the next guy, don't play innocent.
  17. Ringz Dedicated Player

    I didn't name drop anyone so yall wouldn't know whom. That person clearly knows I made this thread from what I said above that was involved. I gave lil to no context and titled this purposefully for it was just a day thing and get over it. The reason Allen knows about this is because he was told. And even confirms the usually "quiet" guy was having those days and I just so happen to be in his way. I don't care about the funny vent pics, and the " Not another one of these threads :rolleyes:", comments. But don't come in here, especially calling me petty, if you have no idea what all is going on.

    As far as it goes, this thread is nothing but the OP saying He cant wait for stats revamp. If I and anyone else, who said and made threads stating they can't wait for stats to happen so, people can get a reality check of things then well, we are some real petty people then.
  18. Moxley Mayhem Dedicated Player

    If you don't want anyone coming in here calling you out on your own pettiness, then don't be petty in the first place. Seems simple enough right? Even the way you're feeling the need to explain yourself emphasizes what I've said towards you. And if this thread was nothing more than what you claim now, you would've never gotten exposed for an indirect shot at some other player. You're not fooling anybody.