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  1. val-zodE2 Well-Known Player

    okay so are the starro controlled JSA members supposed to have AOE damage at 18k per hit because on numerous runs they can wipe out 240 cr players
  2. Yaiba Well-Known Player

    Then put shield in your LO :D
  3. val-zodE2 Well-Known Player

    Not much good when scott starts his bs
  4. Ekart Committed Player

    I don't know... stay range. Block and roll away. So many things you can do to prevent a wipe. In the end play smarter not harder.
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  5. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    A few factors into that alert because i have done it numerous times and come out with out a single team member being defeated. And I Blind Que into just about everything these days.

    1. Team make up... Did you have a healer on the team? And one that uses shields, heals over time and regular heals to keep the team alive. I have done that alert with 3 DPS and a good tank but I'll take a healer every time. 4 DPS with no one to control agro or heal and shield against damage is kind of asking for a team wipe.

    2. Positioning of the players... Best not to stand like a statue in one spot. Move around and do your best to keep anything from getting behind you.... The adds just love to do that and the damage they show increases when it is aimed at your back. Try to keep everything in front of you so YOUR AoE attacks hit the boss and any adds that are spawning.

    3. ADD... since I mentioned them above is ANYONE on the team trying to get rid of those annoying thing so the only thing dealing any damage is the boss? Starros have this nasty habit of knocking you done and swarming around you so it is real easy to find your self spending more time picking yourself up off the floor than firing off attacks.

    4. Use of SP.... Now I know the answer to this question with the vast majority of the DPS community before I even ask but is anyone on the team actually putting any SP at all into health so there is a slightly better chance of surviving an attack , using a soda to heal themselves and then continuing to attack until the boss drops?

    5. What's in YOUR utility belt... Not aimed at any one in particular but again I know in many cases DPS don't ever slot a Supply drop because they want that extra slot for another consumable attack. WAY too many DPS out there that just assume its the Support players job to keep them alive. Then they do into a mission with 4 DPS and no support at all and still play like they have a tank holding agro, a healer doing nothing but keeping them alive and a troll keeping their power up. They stand like a statue firing off attack after attack and don't even pay attention to that swindling health bar. I Have don inspections and found some that not only don't have a supply drop they are not carrying any soda either.

    Any of these could be a factor into team wipe in that alert. Hey could be worse... The alert in Star Labs adds starros on the floor you can step on and be mind controlled. Bad enough having adds appearing to try to kill you let alone your own team mates suddenly attacking you instead of the controlled boss.
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  6. Schimaera Devoted Player

    Yeah ... I don't know with what kind of people you play but sure... dps not using the supply drop that also boosts damage output sounds totally a thing that the majority of dps would do... Also it is pretty easy to have long-cooldown trinkets in your inventory. Switching out one slot doesn't take three seconds mid combat. So maybe they use them but don't equip them?

    Also, it is possible to do the alerts with four dps - roleless buffs makes it so that the dps would survive longer and heal themselves over time.

    The other points are okay though. Anyone who want's to melee Scott all the time deserves to die..
  7. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    You need to kill the adds if you leave them they build up and it is difficult to handle the boss damage. Grundy, Donna, Black Canary, and Supergirl are the worst in my experience.
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  8. spack2k Steadfast Player

    dont melee Alan Scott and block grenades at Black Canary and you're safe with 4 dps in a group.
  9. Plowed In Committed Player

    They’ve all got different attacks. Some are more brutal than others. Learn the mechanics of them and avoid.
  10. FoolsFire Loyal Player

    Compound Omega for the win.
  11. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Perhaps actually follow the mechanics and destroy the crates that spawn the adds so you don't have to deal with them? Maybe perhaps bringing a support role or two? I know all that is a lost topic on today's dcuo players, but those tactics helped us vets for years so we don't have to come here asking for nerfs.
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  12. 9001BPM Devoted Player

    Black Canary and maybe Donna Troy is the only boss that needs adjustment in my opinion, other than that it just comes down to what other people have said, mechanics, shields, support roles, Home Turf trinkets, health barrels. :)
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  13. Malachyte Devoted Player

    Run with a Healer, Troll & Tank as opposed to 4 DPS ... :)
  14. Schimaera Devoted Player

    Why Donny Troy? It's simple: Skull -> Don't do damage. Done. Everything else can be ignored. It's just the reflect that is difficult if you don't pay attention.
  15. 9001BPM Devoted Player

    The problem is in my opinion is that because it kills you instantly, there’s literally no chance to react if you don’t already know it’s coming.

    I just think it’d be fairer to first-timers if it took 2-4 reflected hits to kill you. You’d still rapidly die if you straight up ignored it, but you would actually have a small window to stop yourself. But I did say maybe, it’s not a big deal.
  16. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    I've had more problems with her lasso that repetitively stuns you even though you broke out of the first one. I'm pretty sure that is tuned wrong. But in the magic instance, Grundy is the one that can get you bad.

    Edit: Oh and you might want a new host for your sig pic, yours doesn't work anymore.
  17. Schimaera Devoted Player

  18. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Again, you can break out of it and immediately get stunned. Block or no block, still broken. :p

    Probably a cached image on your browser.

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