Not A Bug Is my Gear on?

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Nakataan, Sep 10, 2020.

  1. Nakataan New Player

    On Sept the 3, I just grinded my Character Torriaa (earth) to 30th level and decided to pay to advance to 270. No problem, burn the plastic and BAM, put on the gear and everything that goes with doing this. I have done this 12 other times with each of my toons, so not my first rodeo. So I leap into a mission and....die. Ok, dust off and get back in there...and die. I found later one of the two credit cards I have on file was max, (personal) so no payment was made and I was down graded to 20th level. No problem use my main credit card and BAM. Back in business, nope first standard thug took down Torriaa in 2 seconds. So I dust off and notice again no gear damage. There always gear damage when you face plant, trust me I have killed a few of my characters 1000s of times over the years of playing this game, repair gear after death is a given. Ok, jump to one of my other characters, no problem Nakataan is back in full form and dancing through missions. No sweat. I will upgrade my gear on Torriaa, alot like 7 sets of new complete gear from my buddy Booster Gold. Nope still dead in seconds and no gear damage to repair. Ok went to do a complete reset of my powers slots. Nope still dying and no gear damage. Ok stop playing this character ask for help and play one of my other 12 characters that are not broken. Since I have dropped like $200 or more in this toon and you all were so very helpful on my brain freeze mistake on my last request for help, I write to you again for help. Torriaa is 30th level 279 gear and seems to die in any encounter now, like the character has no gear on. Torriaa Health is 6070 while Nakataan Health is 100188, the gear is 270 to 310 so the spread should not be that insane. Thank you.
  2. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    If Toririaa's health is 6070 then they are most definitely not wearing 279 gear. Did you get a box of gear when you advanced? Did you make sure that you opened it, selected the correct role and then equipped all the gear? Can you take and post a screenshot of the gear that you have equipped? (preferably with the stats of one of the items visible)

    Edit: or even better if yo can get a video where you show us the gear and then go try to take on an enemy in whatever your current episode is. (Not Wonderverse) Also your Equipped Combat Rating will be displayed on the left side of your name at the top left of the screen. That's the CR of all the gear you are currently wearing, so let us know that number also.
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  3. Nakataan New Player

    Ok the GM Aurora got back to me and suggested it maybe the Artifact Lermaea's Amulet. It was, once removed my health shot up to 98000 and Torriaa was able to complete missions. Thank you for your help
  4. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    Glad you got it sorted! I think you got it a bit mixed up though - the Amulet does not lower your overall health. What it does to you is damage you every time that you use a power, and then when you use a Finisher power it heals you for the same amount of damage that the Finisher does to your enemy.

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