Introducing: Element resistances and weaknesses.

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    I saw a really fun idea in this other MMO called PSO2 where some special instances had monsters and bosses with special stats, some of them had huge resistances to some weapons or powers, but they were always random, so you never knew what was coming when you entered the instance.

    It added an extra layer of difficulty and made the game more fun, because if you mainly used X weapon and Y boss has a resistance to it, switching weapons would be great to do more damage.

    in DCUO it would be great for something like survival mode, if some adds just received more damage from a powerset and had a special resistance to some other powersets randomly, it would also allow support roles to feel forced to destroy that particular add.

    Sure, it wouldn't be very cool when you have resistance to lets say, quantum, and you are running an alert with 4 quantum players, but hey, how often does that even happen? Even then you could make it so that the alert choses these resistances and weaknesses based on the powers present in the group.
    It could be anything from 500% damage buffs to 90% resistance to certain weapons and powers.

    What do you think, it could make survival modes more fun than they already are, not to mention that it would allow horde modes without bosses for these modes. It could even get better, adding for harder stuff healing back through these resistances.

    "Hey fire DPS please don't attack this add because she will heal from your fire, the ice tank gets a buff so it makes up for it ok?"
    "Hey nature healer, please kill that add, it has a weakness to healing powers"
    "Guys just use weapon attacks on the next boss, it will reflect every DPS power"

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    I could have sworn I read this like a week ago
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  3. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    I don't think it would work well in DCUO, to be honest.

    We've been brought up without this feature so it would be a difficult transition and if it involves stuff like "this thing will heal if (power A) attacks it", then you're just going to introduce new ways for people to hate each other and new ways for people who don't speak the same languages to struggle to play together.

    The most I'd like to see them go with this feature is an intelligent boss fight against Amazo. Who tabulates all the powers in the group and can cycle through them. Whenever he is using a specific power, that power does like 25% of it's regular damage to him. But I think this gimmick would be better suited for an Elite piece of content or Survival Mode as it really isn't a friendly mechanic that encourages a pleasant gaming experience.
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  4. Kid Multiverse Loyal Player

    I loved the original PSO and this was a fun part of the game. However, in that game (not sure about 2) different classes had the ability to work with different elements and so could have elemental resistance on the fly. DC is just not set up that way and I don't think it could work here. All that said, it was just announced PSO2 is coming to PS4 in Japan. They said not for the states but if they change that, I'm in to try it!
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