I'm a tank deep down

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by ThomasEternal, Jul 8, 2020.

  1. ThomasEternal Well-Known Player

    So I have a dps green lantern, he looks really cool and fun to play but he feels like a glass canon type. I don't like being squishy. The thing is I spent a good penny on that toon lol

    I have this awesome Black Adam lightning dps toon that I also spent a good penny on making it look stylish with the chromas and hex materials but he's also squishy. I like soloing a lot especially pugging, it's my preference it's just I don't find fun in dying a lot because my defense is so low.

    Then I have my atomic battle-tank who looks like a Newgod but I get bored pretty fast despite being tanky and throwing out a lot of damage. This toon I don't die with but it sucks because I wish I could be a tank as a hardlight or celestial or electric. I'm at a lost with my electric dps. I don't like feeling like a glass canon.
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    Thanks for the story. :)
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  3. ThomasEternal Well-Known Player

    Besides Rage, what's the next best dps solo power?
  4. TheLorax Steadfast Player

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  5. 9001BPM Devoted Player

    If you’re not a tank you just can’t take a hit in this game. It’s one of my pet peeves. I know it’s standard MMO fare but it’s not too conducive to feeling like a superhero. You’re just gonna have to get used to it.
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  6. Lugo Well-Known Player

    I always wanted to tank with HL. But then Rage came out, but I barely play my Rage character. Maybe I wouldn't have been a HL tank, lol.

    But the idea of a precision/dom HL tank is kind of interesting even though HL isn't precision anymore.

    But tanking is my favorite role in any MMO. I love tanking in co-op and in solo instances. I want to absorb all the damage and help the team as much as I can and feel like I'll never die!!

    More tank powers!
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  7. Hraesvelg Loyal Player

    It's pretty common for a hero to get their teeth kicked in, rise above and come back, sometimes with friends. Teamwork, perseverance and all that rot.
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  8. 9001BPM Devoted Player

    My perception is that some superheroes are like that, but not many. Most are soloists. Let’s not get sidetracked arguing about it though. This game is what it is.
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  9. Magnificent Loyal Player

    Are you dying when solo'ing or in group play? How many SP do you have and what have you put them into?

    If you are playing CR-relevant solo content and dying routinely to it, you might want to look into getting more SP, leveling up your Augments and Artifacts and even changing your loadout. No CR-relevant player should be routinely dying to the solo-level mobs.
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  10. Rejchadar Well-Known Player




    looking at these videos (and many others on this channel) I can’t agree with you.

    ps. I hope the author of these videos will not be offended that I use them without demand.
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  11. Brit Dedicated Player

    Adjust your loadout.

    Any DPS who feels too "glass canon" and does not like being squishy in exchange for dealing higher DPS should be strongly encouraged to swap their personal shield onto their loadout. Less damage, more survivability.

    Especially if you are talking about powersets like Electricity (or any Healer) powerset. You can always swap in powers that deal damage as well as healing (like Arc Lightning) to help increase survivability.

    Too many people default to the popular max-DPS traditional builds, but those builds are built around either maxing damage against a target dummy which does nothing back to you, or doing it in a group setting where a Tank is keeping the aggro off you, a healer is restoring your health, and a Controller is handing you unlimited power. Builds need to be adjusted based on what you're doing. Running daily solos without a personal shield is obnoxious just because you get interrupted while trying to activate stuff.

    Make changes and your survivability can be fine even without being a Tank powerset.
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  12. ThomasEternal Well-Known Player

    Yeah I get that. I want to feel Super and Strong but Tanks are the only ones with high defense even if you use artifacts that help with defense as a dps.
    Seriously? Well that's a shame.
    Well I was doing some alerts and raids. I pugg a lot and there wasn't a tank or healer. I play as a tank a lot and when I encounter a no healer in the group everyone else dies but me. I felt strong in that regard. I want to solo bounties when you don't have a healer or anyone in the group. What I like about atomic battle-tank is that I can heal myself while putting out damage and having high defense. Skill points aren't that important to me right now. My atomic tank only has 95 skill points and so do the rest of my toons. I remember doing elite alerts and everyone dying except me then I finish the fight alone.
  13. Controller Loyal Player

    I'm a Troll deep down....wait not THAT kind of Troll.

    Folks NEED to start asking for "CONTROLLERS" in LFG...stop asking for Trolls.
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  14. DeitySupreme Dedicated Player

    I think the best survivalist power is gadgets. You get stealth to drop aggro to your pet. You get decoy which does a great job taunting for you. In a 1v1 fight (Pve again bosses) you have taser pull to do damage at low power cost, along with other stuff to play around with.

    You could also do mental which has the same set up without the decoy.

    Earth and sorcery have pets that draw aggro thou it’s not as good as decoy. But still and option.

    Rage can do rage mode while in dps.

    Ice dps can get the ice armor buff.

    If you want to stay HL and want to do a survivalist build than you can try the build I use for soloing stuff when I’m undergeared.
    Light blast, heat vision (or ram), light barrier, Hard light shield (iconic), triage, and either a healing sc like the one from the power or pheromone bloom.

    Using this you keep triage on cooldown for the passive healing, and rotate between your shield. I personally use heat vision and rotate between it and light blast. For light blast I’ll combo into mini gun and than into ram and clip ram with either a shield and triage or heat vision depending if a shield/triage is off cooldown.

    Do this while I’m troll role so that you maintain your power while also gaining cc on your combos. It’s rare that you will need this much survivability but when trying to solo stuff while relevel I had fun with this lol

    Edit: forgot to mention that I use solar amp, trans, and strat for artifacts. But if you want to have survivability artifact than try mystic symbols in place of strat. For the added defense and healing ticks. And if you need even more than try Everyman or manacles instead of transformation.

    But not really a must
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  15. Dub T Well-Known Player

    I am a tank deep down on my Tank character.
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  16. Controller Loyal Player

    You "Deep Down Tanks" ought to be loving that new Artifact (Lasso) coming out for you all...

    Looks like a winner.
  17. Magnificent Loyal Player

    PUGs are a roll of the dice. I've been in some fantastic ones and I've been in ones so bad everyone just drops out before the first boss fight.

    Skill points are always important. Always. Even if you finish out your Might or Precision in your DPS build you can put the extras in Health. If all of your toons are only at 95 SP, that's going to be a big reason why you are having troubles, especially in Elite content on everything but your tank.

    A friend of mine started playing a year ago but only recently started getting serious. He had purchased the CR boost so he could join us on raids, he only had 100 or so and didn't think SP was important either. He was always dying in raids and doing less damage than the tank. He started getting serious about SP right before the LPVE event (he also started getting serious about Artifacts and Augments) and is now up almost 100 SP (there's a LOT of low-hanging fruit out there). The difference is like night and day.

    The faster you can kill things, the less damage they do to you, the longer you survive. Start working those Feats like they owe you money and you'll find yourself surviving a little better.
  18. ThomasEternal Well-Known Player

    I don't know man, I feel like switching my Thundergod adam into an atomic tank lmao

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