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  1. xxOMNIPOTENTxx Committed Player

    I called myself searching the forums before posting this, so I apologize if its already been mentioned.

    Why not create a new skill/power point tree to beef up some of the iconic powers that already exist? This new tree would be called Iconic Skill Points, and combines a power point into the usage of skill points.

    So the current limit on PP's is set at 15, not trying to ask for more here. Enable powers like the Hard Light shield (just using this one as an example), to be upgraded at a cost of additional skill points. The upgraded shield would have a much faster cooling time, and would actually be useful in end-game content now and in the future. In essence, you'd need 1 PP to unlock the shield, and X amount of SP's to unlock its "Iconic" feature.

    People have been asking for an upgrade of these "Iconic" powers for years, due to them being literally worthless once you move out of the development stages (such as sub 30).

    Just a suggestion here, and I'm hoping that the more creative folks will chime in, but I definitely see potential here.
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  2. Pathosgrim Dedicated Player

    I agree. Most of the iconic powers suck, they may as well rename the entire thing to "RP powers" cuz that's the only thing heat vision is good for.
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  3. SuperNerdGeekOverkill Dedicated Player

    I don't remember the OPs name and have no clue what to search for, but a few years back, maybe even on the old forums, there was an awesome thread about this with really awesome ideas for new SP, with the same reasoning as yours. Sadly, it went ignored by devs.
  4. Original Kal Well-Known Player

    Either that or make them replacement animations for the other powers. Ex: the fireball taunt power's animation could be reaplced by heat vision or cold breath or something else.
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  5. Gimpy Loyal Player

    Just go back to the way Skill Points and Power Points were before WM.

    OR get ahold of the no longer employed by DBG "Dev" that created that so called "build a buff" program that "balanced(?)" the powers in the game and have Them "balance the SP/PP trees by testing all the changes made with "specific requirements" that will change each week while being used on broken outdated sparring targets. Of course doing so will break a walk-in portal that upon being fixed will break another walk-in portal which before long will break every portal and finally will cause crashes when forced to use the Que that is the only partially working way to get into content.
  6. iClip Committed Player

    Personally I would like to have the ability to spend SP on Iconics powers...purely to give myself more options with whatever role I'm playing...but I don't care either way. I've done without that for years so I can do without it now.