Ice tank stats query (ALL the Dom?)

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  1. MrStoob Well-Known Player

    ATM I've got 270 skill points and m'tank has 100 in Dom, 100 in Health, and the rest in Resto. I'm using all the Dom augments, with the artefacts, Manacles (185), Seventh Seal (160) and Everyman (160).

    So I often hear people say that Ice is all about the Dom for the shields, so do I want to drop all those points into Dom rather than splitting them the way I have? Obviously, the extra Health is nice and my personal heals and shields benefit from the Resto but if greater Dom would mitigate more damage then that's a fair trade off.

    Most guides I see are for toons with high SP, rather than the middling (low?) SP situation I'm in.

  2. theAverageGuy Well-Known Player

    After movement mode and at least one point in a weapon (unless default).
    Then 10 in the might/prec each crit so you can reach the bottom of the tree, put them all in dom.

    Down the road, if you have left over, then put them in resto (or health). Fill up dom first.
  3. tioalbert Well-Known Player

    Hello everyone

    I have ice tank characters

    cr 312 with 180sp
    and another cr 33 sp45

    I will make known how I have them armed from my personal way of playing and duos, groups and raids in general run well.

    I will start with the cr33:

    1.-the 14 pieces of tank equipment (if also the weapon)
    tank pieces increase defense and dominance.

    2.-If you have a home base generator, fill in the blue health mod, the yellow domain mod and the red precision mod.

    also fill in white slots of the 9 white pieces of;

    A) weapon = explosion adapter (additional damage).

    B) helmet = energized winter storm (you generate 3% power)

    C) neck = fortified assault (10% defense without blocking)

    D) back = break bonds (10% reduces cooldown from this power).

    E) chest = comforting (5% health increase).

    F) legs = restorative winter tempest (you regenerate some health).

    G) feet = deadly block (additional damage relative to 5% of your accuracy).

    H) hands = enhanced channeling.

    to be continued...
  4. tioalbert Well-Known Player

    skill points 43:
    9sp in martial arts.
    1sp flight = supersonic.
    1sp representative powers = companion robot.
    33sp statistical points;
    1sp concentration: superpowers.
    20sp critical chance damage.
    9sp health.
    3sp domain.

    main weapon = martial arts.

    Powers aligned from left to right.

    Inescapable Storm, Winterstorm, Echoing Gale, Breaking Bonds,
    Reflection, Robot Companion.

    to be continued...
  5. tioalbert Well-Known Player

    Level 80 artifacts the 3 I use.

    1.-mystical symbol of the 7.

    2.-grimorioum verum.


    origins increases:

    the 4 to precision (weapon damage), level199, but it goes well at 100 minimum.

    adaptive increases: both weapon damage level 11.

    with the other pj what varies are the statistic points and arms the rest the same.

    164 stat points:

    1sp to super power.

    20sp to critical damage chance.

    20sp critical damage handle.

    10sp to weapon damage.

    10sp to power damage.

    100sp to health.

    3sp to domain.

    main weapon = greatsword.

    secondary weapon = arrow storm bow.

    that's all in my case to tank.

    good afternoon and good game everyone.
  6. Dragonnes Committed Player

    Yes, Ice is all about shields, and shields are mostly about Dominance. Resto does add up a bit, but Dominance comes first.

    Formula for shield strength is:
    Base Shield Multiplier * (112,5% Resto + 150% Dom)

    For example, my tank specs Hybrid, with 20sp in damage crits, then full Dominance, then 100 in resto, the rest goes in Health. But I have enough SPs to go around. You should think about filling up Dom first.

    As for artifacts, I think Everyman Prototype isn't too useful for Ice, since Ice doesn't have its health going up and down rapidly.
    Manacles and Mystic Symbol (I assume that's what you mean with Seventh Seal) are good.
  7. Berza Committed Player

    No. Never. You are a tank, and not a rage but an Ice tank. You need Zero extra damage.
    Use Protection Adapter.
    Shatter Restrains is your worst shield and the breakout is too situational to use this mod. Go with Accelerated Reflect or Accelerated Winter Ward.
    Legs mods do not scale so any of these is useless.
    Again, no. Again, you need Zero extra damage. Use Tumbling Master for non interruptable Roll.
    As an Ice tank you shouldn't be using channeled powers. Regenerative Shielding scales pretty bad so even when it is better, it is not so much. This is the only place where you can use Max Damage as there isn't to be any difference.
    I am assuming you are taking the Weapon Mastery point for Martial Arts. No need, it only increases damage and you can save that point for something better.
    On your movement mode innates, you may want to take the control resistance ones.
    You are a tank. Your loadout should be full of shields and pulls. No place nor need for Robot Sidekick. The only powers from the Iconic tree a tank needs are Hard Light Shield, and more situational Amazonian Deflection.
    NO. NEVER. The biggest of the no's. Focus Superpowers increases your Might, 100% useless for an Ice tank. It also increases your power pool and regeneration, which isn't needed at all. You have a Controller or a Roleless buff to increase your power regeneration. Go Focus Hybrid. You get 5% Dominance and Restoration, and you recover power using your weapon, which you should be doing anyway.
    Again, there is no need for damage. Go Healing Crits. Ice does not have healing powers but Mystic Symbol of the 7 CAN crit. And it certainly does more if you have higher Crit Chance.
    First of all, go full Dominance first. That's your main Stat. Health isn't even your second Stat. That's Restoration, since it increases shields' strength.
    An Ice tank's loadout, as I said before, must be full of shields and pulls. Wintry Tempest (I am assuming you are referring to this when you say Winterstorm) is a Damage power, same as Robot Sidekick. Use Winter Ward, it is your strongest shield, and Hard Light Shield.
    The only tank artifact among those is the Mystic Symbol of the 7. Both Grimorum Verum and Quislet are Damage artifacts. They give you zero useful stats and zero useful abilities.
    The most important artifact for an Ice tank (and for any other tank) is Manacles of Force. They reduce the cooldown of your shields by 10%. Your 3th artifact can be Lasso of Thrut or Everyman Prototype. None of these are the best for Ice, as your health shouldn't be dropping so you shouldn't need the increased defense or the healing, but they gave nice stats. As you have Fly as movement mode, I won't suggest Ege of Gemini, but it is very useful for Speedsters and Acrobats. Also, I won't suggest a tank using Fly but...
    I know I am being repetitive, but NO NO NO. Ice tanks DON'T do damage. That's not your job. Use Dominance in all Original and Adaptative Augments.
    Mate this is even worse. I explained before about the SP allocation. So take the Focus to Hybrid, Critical Healing, place 100 on Dominance, place the 10 from Precision and the 10 from Might, and also all SP you are wasting in an useless Cross Combo and put them into Restoration until you hit at least 30 for the 5% increase. Even all the way up to 100 before investing in Health.

    The conclusion in here is that you are playing as a Dps in tank role, with tank armor. That is useless. You are not dealing enough damage to make any difference, and you are not fortifying your shields enough to make them resist hard hits from bosses. And that is your job as a tank, being hit. Nothing else. The only way you can tank an endgame alert is stressing a good healer.
    If you want to deal damage, play as an DPS, but if you want to be a tank, play it correctly.
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  8. tioalbert Well-Known Player

    Hello everyone
    And responding to

    1: - I have said and I repeat from my way of playing (in general I always carry pets).

    This is why if there are more people who have different ways of playing tank, with alignment of powers, skill points that have between 30 to 150, original increases from 50 to 150, minimum artifacts to 80.

    armed or built in a way other than what we know "welcome."
    because Dcuo unlike other mmorpg is not a linear game.
    what matters:
    is that what is built is functional both individually and in groups.

    2.- you "Berza" are making
    highligted in 2 absolute and unalterable points, from your point of view.

    A) artifact; mythical symbol 7.
    This artifact to regain some health, requires leveling it to 120 or 200 (I don't remember level), and I clearly speak of artifacts at level 80.

    I never said something about raising them, because I am not going to raise them from there.

    so I can't use that option, but I have learned from you which artifact mythical symbol 7 is the most useful for tank, not so much for recovering health, but for the extra defense it gives (it is to think about defense statistics benefit) .

    B) Tank is not useful with damage, from his way of playing like this it has been, from mine completely false.

    1.-The tank from my point of view and experience explicitly in Dcuo, we lose effects of pulling and attraction or provocation of objective.

    which has caused the boss and groups of enemies to go on dps, explode healer and controllers as a consequence and the tank kicked as inept.

    In order not to lose the effect or attention of enemies, it has resulted in me causing more damage, at this point my damage powers enter which, as I mentioned, are 2 that I use.

    Bind-breaking and reflection shields may not be the most effective at absorbing damage, but I do get the benefit of breaking decrements or mind control and returning some of the same damage to my target while my shield and armor absorb damage.

    but it would not be useful if I did not have more health (proven) from there use my health sp.

    Finally you are wanting to show a formation exclusively from defense with only shields.

    Funny why we only have 3 common power shields and I create 2 more supercharges (which I don't use, nor would I use).

    Going on the defensive is also good if the powers of attraction or provocation are working as deven and are not broken by other players or targets, to which I want to imagine that you have always run well.

    But it's not my way of playing

    As for probocar losses as a tank, I have required that 25% regeneration of power from power concentration per experience.

    When I have entered groups or raids, the most difficult are without healers, but even so I am overwhelmed by the use of my level 5 soda (which also gives statistics) and supplies.

    when there is 1 healer in a group and 1 controller, they usually go to help dps.

    in raids when there are 2 healers, 1 rarely accompanies me, even if there are controllers.

    I am not a player of 4 hours or more 24 hours a day x week.

    for which I do not have, nor will I enter any league for obvious reasons.

    So the groups that I go with are random and in general they do not know the mechanics of instances, hopefully I come across 3 that yes, which are the ones that I end up with.

    So I have played not only with high and well prepared cr players, but also with other minimum or recommended cr players and there is a world of difference.

    however the point is to make more varieties known to play tank to give variety to who started the thread and any other player who reads it.

    and stop attacking what you do not know or does not match your idealism of playing a role or mmorpg, "Berza".

    Good evening and good game all.
  9. Berza Committed Player

    I am not going to argue with you. Mainly because I barely understand what you mean in 90% of your post. Just let me explain you this. You can play however you want to. But if "however you want to" is not what the group is expecting from you, you are not only ruining the experience for your teammates, but also a good candidate to enter on ignore lists.
    And honestly, if you are not planning even playing the game seriously, you shouldn't come to the forum and post your opinions as if they were knowledge. And, if as I suspect from some typos on your post, your native language is Spanish, feel free to PM me and I will explain it to you better.
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