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  1. Cyclonic Dedicated Player

    The super speed powers aren't as vital as people seem to think. In a lot of cases... using your actual powers to clip weapon combos will compete with Dervish and Vortex. Phase dodge is super handy and hard to replace, but not using it isn't going to hurt your dps by nearly as much as leaving Robot Sidekick behind would. Tornado pull can usually be replaced by a hard hitting DoT for single target if need be.

    The best part of superspeed is the ability to dash across the map in combat. All the other tools are just sprinkles on top.
  2. Proxystar #Perception

    I agree with this, people over exaggerate the extent to which super speed abilities allow a player to excel.

    Are they some of the better powers in certain scenarios, of course, but, any belief that a super speed player can't simply supplement them with something else and still out damage the other player by a country mile are deluding themselves.

    nerfing super speed abilities isn't going to level the playing field in even remotely the way less experienced players or other movement players think it will.
  3. Taerah Active Player

    I’m not a fan off rsk because we already have a small ammount of abilities in our load outs as it is, but I can’t complain because for my rage range loadout I literally cannot find a single ability that I can sub in for robot sidekick. Also, it matches my style! Just wish they could tweak powers once in a while so players can get some fresh new updated play styles but no. Let’s keep awful abilities awful because why bother making an effort when we can just make a new artifact that’ll cover that weakness.
  4. Leonite Well-Known Player

    I'm not a fan of rsk as well but precision really have no other choices.

    Weapon buff is the only superpower required for prec so we have 5 slots available. 2 or 3 slots can be used to clip the weapon attacks bec a 4th is not needed since one of the previous powers is nearly ready by the time the 3rd power is used. That leaves a couple slots left which then goes to rsk and maybe a supercharge attack.

    As someone already mentioned, RSK is passive damage that doesn't impact rotation. Also, prec dps is one of the busiest builds with little rest time since long animation weapon attacks are usually clipped with short animation superpowers so having that one slot that I don't have to press but still does damage is a no-brainer.
  5. Emoney Dedicated Player

    I dont use RSK,wanna know why....cuz it dies everytime a boss looks at it. Seriously, it's not very"passive" if I have to try and revive it every other rotation. And then theres the whole interruption issue trying to revive it. It's not as great as you make it out to be.

    The other reason, I tank as well as dps. And as a tank, all of these darn pets make my job incredibly hard. I dont die very often, but when I do, it's because I was pinned in by 32 pets, henchmen and dps that think they are tanks.
  6. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    As someone who does use the RSK. I never have issues with it dying as some claim. It’s almost always up. The times it does die I also do not have any issues reviving it. Rsk can be used to clip abilities and it can also be clipped itself. So resummoning hasn’t been an issue for me
  7. Kuzo hayami New Player

    if you wanna rp just say that. sidenote. you can anything you want. the secret is ARMORIES. I am a roleplayer. If you wanna have them fun loadouts and get carried IN OMNIBUS then buy armories specially for it. and when your team is trash pop your real loadout. THE REAL ISSUE HERE IS THAT YOU TOO WORRIED ABOUT WANTING TO HAVE BURN WHILE BEING CREATIVE. Thats not how creativity works my guy.
  8. Cyclonic Dedicated Player

    You don't have to waste time reviving him. You're just not doing it properly. You clip a power with robot side and then clip out of it.

    Damage ability > Robot Sidekick > Weapon buff

    3 power combo that takes less than half a second. Or if you want to get super fancy...

    Damage ability > Robot Sidekick > Weapon buff > Damage Trinket > Supply Drop > Shield Power > Phase dodge.

    You're going to need some fast hands for the latter... but hopefully you get the idea. Its usually worth waiting for something to clip Robot Sidekick with because the animation is so long.

    If you're a might dps... you're gonna have to take the L on occasions where he isn't worth reviving in certain moments like when all targets are almost dead... but over time... he will always be worth a slot.
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  9. Boss Dark Side Well-Known Player

    I feel this. I do use RSK on a couple toons that it makes sense for my character. For example, I have a fire toon that's an orange lantern. So, using the fire version of the RSK is like having an orange construct, in my mind.

    I just don't use things simply because they do more damage or are considered the end all be all. I like to tailor game play based on my characters.
  10. Emoney Dedicated Player

    Oh, in other words, exploiting the the game, gotcha.

    It's not like the devs purposely removed clipping or anything. Lol
  11. Emoney Dedicated Player

    Sometimes I'm not sure if you are Proxy under this name, or related to him lol. If it doesnt happen to you two, it's not true right?!?
  12. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    What in the world are you talking about. Now it’s an exploit? Do you not realize how the clipping mechanics work and how these actions are intended?

    Much not have good reading comprehension… when did I say it never happens to anyone? I clearly said that when it does die I know how to resuon it without running into the issues you described. Why? Because the game literally has ways to avoid that.. that are NOT exploits.