How to make PVP profitable?

Discussion in 'Battle of the Legends (PvP)' started by BƖack, Oct 9, 2020.

  1. Kestral Committed Player

    Let people who want it deleted from the game make monthly donations for it's removal and after reaching a set mark continue to make monthly donations lest they fall below that mark and it's brought back.
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  2. tukuan Loyal Player

    I think look at a way to tie in a subscription benefit makes the most sense. Nothing too PTW but for example a drop box on wins/loss that might have some extra marks or some other perk. Kinda like the boxes when they first started dropping in Deluge and similar content.
  3. BƖack Committed Player

    With all due respect BumblingB. But PVP is an aspect of this game that cannot be removed just like this. It's simply impossible, because if it was i'm pretty sure DEVs would have considered it long ago.

    From the very beginning, yet when this game was developed, the creation of PVP aspect had a specific purpose. Right?
    It seem like the DEVs simply just gave up on PVP after so many trials and mistakes. So they decided they won't touch PVP and let stay as it is. But that doesn't mean the light in the tunnel can't be re-ignited. If the PVP will be fixed, everything will be back to normal. PVP will be fun again, the revenue will come back because if PVP will be fixed, players will come back and with that they will buy, memberships, styles, materials etc.
  4. Bantos2 Level 30

    This is exactly why I think they should work around tournaments and try to monetize those with an X reward, I'm not sure how they would do it but I'm assuming they could find a way. The BvS tournament had a pretty good amount of people participating because it had "rewards" as you say and many hardcore PVPers wanted to get more recognition, so BvS tournament was a win win for both PVE and PVP communities. Now if they could find a way to monetize that and play around that I feel like they could make it work. Some people have brought up the idea of replay badges fee to participate in tournaments with an X reward. For example let's say it's a 4v4 tournament, then every member of the team will have to pay a small fee of replay badges to participate. And the reward could be anything.
  5. ColdFuzion Well-Known Player

    I don't understand why PVP is so neglected - It works well in other MMOs.

    We all know the PVP Last laugh was a disaster in terms of profits spytle pretty much told the community. Based on the current standing of the mode i would just have daily events with rewards to keep people tied over until they actually fix the system.

    If they are projecting another 10 years for DCUO they need to fix PVP not all players like PVE.
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  6. BƖack Committed Player

    Exactly, i'm one of these players. I was thinking about comming back to the game but i hesitate because PVP is the same as it was over the past 5 years, nothing changed. PVP was what i've played and enjoyed the most and since like 3 years i don't play DCUO because PVP is completely unplayable.

    ps. But i also occassionally played PVE mostly for feats/styles etc. Since 2011 till 2017 I have also been constantly a Legendary member and i always kept buying stuff from the Marketplace.
  7. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    No insult was intended nor would I ever feel insulted by anything you say.

    They can remove PvP. They have the ability to turn off anything in the On Duty tab as well as restructure it how they see fit. It's adding things to the UI that gets problematic, removing is easy. They could easily switch off the PvP tabs, disable the PvP phase, disable the current PvP gear (which can turn into a reward like nth metal or exobytes), disable dueling (like how they removed it from PvE instances), remove all the PvP vendors, and grant all the feats. They already removed the ability to start on the PvP phase, it's not that difficult. Heck, they could repurpose the maps for PvE which makes them money.

    All of that is very simple for them and would probably take 1-2 updates to fully do. (The switching off is easy, it's things like what to do with the map related stuff that might take a second update to do. Proof would be the Atlantean summer ships.)

    The devs have decided to choose to leave it broken and unplayable and to ignore all cries the players have. It's been over 4+ years like this. By your own admission:

    From the beginning, you are correct, it had a purpose, but unfortunately they couldn't leave it alone and almost every update they made it less and less fun. And a lot of what they changed either indirectly or directly changed the whole game that made it less fun. (Match NPCs are still very much broken, but at least I can breakout of them now...)

    This is a personal opinion, but I think most of the players grasping at the straws just are dreaming. They will never put it back to how it was, it's been too far gone and we all know that the moment they start working on it and show where it's going, they will get attacked by the toxic players. Which is part of the reason they are hesitant to touch anything PvP, bugfix or not.
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  8. Apollonia Committed Player

    This might upset some people but here it is:

    You can't monetize everything in a game. It's not possible. PVP is a good example. There's always going to be some aspects of a game that can't be directly monetized. The Devs know and understand this. They understand that some parts of a game have to be developed and maintained for free. And all of this is okay because these non-monetized aspects to a game usually add value in other ways, so it's fine -- they have to make a judgement call on those grey aspects though; and they do.

    This idea that some players have that the Devs are dumb or aren't good at the job or something is beyond silly. The Devs are very good at what they do and know exactly what they're doing. If they're not doing what you want them to do, it's because *you're not good at what they do* and your way isn't a good solution for any number of reasons which are probably not obvious to you because you aren't a Dev.

    In this case, the decision has been made intentionally to not develop PVP. There isn't a shortage of ways and ideas to monetize PVP and the Devs aren't incapable of coming up with ways to monetize it, so offering suggestions to monetize it isn't actually constructive. I repeat; there is no shortage of ways to monetize PVP. The problem is simply that the Dev team has decided the investment (labour, time, money, etc) required to support pvp isn't something they want to commit to. The Devs' goals for the game aren't always the same as the players' goals for that game.
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  9. tukuan Loyal Player

    I'm sure this would get a big push back since it's largely unheard of in games like this but possibly ads for non-sub players every X bouts.
  10. BƖack Committed Player

    So why they haven't done it yet?
  11. Mentaldope40 Active Player

    Idk but it's quite sad to see pvp go years without any type of adjustment, all players do is spam powers to win and it takes no skills to that but there has been many ideas I saw from players regarding pvp, but it just don't seem that the developers care about the whole purpose of a Heroes and Villains faction, that being PvP.

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