How to get unbanned?

Discussion in 'PC Account Support' started by amougo, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. amougo New Member

    I have been played Dcuo from 1 year now but i got banned.
    Please help
  2. TrueMarvel Well-Known Member

    Um... ususally they are temporary... right?
  3. Zim Well-Known Member

    I would call tech support when they are open and ask when the ban is up.
    What did you get banned for?
  4. amougo New Member

    I have been banned from 2 weeks now because my brother used my account to play it and spammed ppl
  5. junglejim Well-Known Member

    2 weeks seems excessive for spamming . Considering some very colourful language got me 3 days and multiple friends had 7 day bans for the loyalty/replay badge glitch id have to say whatever your account was banned for must've been pretty serious in soe's eyes. Unless it wasn't your 1st ban ?
  6. Ilunis Well-Known Member

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  7. TSR-AlexS Customer Service

    You can submit a ban appeal so it can be reviewed by management. It's worth a shot! Submit a support ticket to get started.
  8. Smoke New Member

    What ban appeal
  9. General Zod Well-Known Member

    Submit a ticket to start a ban appeal.
  10. Psychofunk New Member

    If you are a Pro7 customer in Europe, a ban appeal with SOE won't help, you will just get referred back to pro7.

    Absolutely terrible customer service on their part, and what is with all these perma bans on their (pro7) end all of a sudden in the last few weeks?

    Something is wrong here and we have no way of defending ourselves!

    Currently in the process of trying to find some contact details for senior management over there.
  11. TSR-AlexS Customer Service

  12. Molly.kiki New Member

    wonder if anyone can help or just give me some advise ....
    my account is going to be banned permanently :(
    " We regret to inform you that the account name: ----------- has been terminated due to a Community Standards violation. After reviewing our records, one of the characters on this account was found to have committed the following violations:
    hacking "
    i have been playing dcuo for almost a year , i have 2 characters that r cr 90 +( am a legendary account)
    for the past 2 months i have been banned for "hacking" more than once ??? ( AND DID NOT DO ANY OF IT AS WHAT WAS STATED IN EMAILS)
    i have opened support tickets each time and waited for to penalty time to pass ...
    and then in a day or so get banned again, i even reformatted my pc and reinstalled dcuo still got banned (this time the game froze in middle of t4 raid and i had to force a shut down)
    i really don't want to start over with new character and really don't want to lose all the things i collected and payed for.
    how can i still play dcuo or at least let someone tell me what i am actually doing wrong? ( i have even when as far as not to open fan web pages where u can find briefing,,,,, )
    Does this mean my account and everything is gone?
    Cause i really don't think that is very fair especially if i didn't hack !
    i feel like dcuo would gladly take my money but if something goes wrong - ban me without letting me know how to fix it.
    if anyone can help or at least point me to someone that can look into this for me... PLZ
  13. TSR-AlexS Customer Service

    Molly, do you have 3rd party programs running in the background?
  14. Molly.kiki New Member

    a 3rd party thing is like team speak and stuff - i closed it and anything else in background - other people told me not to open anything not even to find briefings ...

    my league and friends told me to start an new account and they will help me level my new charterer but again in the next 24 h that account is now also ban. ( when i open up the lunch pad and press play the wonderful massage showed banned but still waiting for email from dc saying that im ban for what ever this time)

    so what the hell !!!

    i have been having very high ping at times and is sorting it out with my service provider and while playing on the 1 July near the avatar of sin and the lag was very very bad no matter how hard i hit nothing happened so i exited the game and... next morning woke up to a wonderful news ban again
    i don't know if i must play in blood to proof that i am not hacking / cheating or am i that stupid that im doing something that dc thinks me a crook.
    thank god this time i didn't pay dc anything on this account but still feel that no matter how hard i try i am descend to be banned :(
  15. Molly.kiki New Member

    I also have another questions?

    the first email i got on 30 June (3 days ago) for my main legendary account saying that....
    "We regret to inform you that the account name: ------- has been terminated due to a Community Standards violation. After reviewing our records, one of the characters on this account was found to have committed the following violations:
    • hacking "
    then on 10:21 on 3 July (today) saying that....

    " Thank you for contacting Sony Online Entertainment. I took a look at your account and it has been banned for cheating in-game. In an effort to prevent further exploitation, we do not divulge the findings of our investigations but the results were sufficient enough to request a disciplinary action and issue a suspension. Unfortunately this account is not eligible for release and an appeal is not possible. You can feel free to create and play on a new account. If you have any more questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to let me know."
    1. So what was my main account banned for hacking or cheating? ( even no matter how hard i try to tell dc i did not do
    anything wrong )
    2. And can soe plz say this part more clearly : does this part mean that they will not unbanned my account or give me information
    about why i got banned?
    3, why do dc want me to create a new account?

    Did i not spend enough money on the first one?
  16. Buckley Well-Known Member

    Yes its called Microsoft Windows
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  17. LadyLightning Well-Known Member

    Maybe Teamspeak 3? With the Overlay-plugin? (That's just the most common and it can cause the game to crash)
  18. Molly.kiki New Member

    so .... :eek:..... what now? I make a new account and pay for everything again do everything over again all briefings all collection and then what ... get lag = ban or game freeze = ban or do anything = ban?
  19. Buckley Well-Known Member

    I uninstalled that after the second suspension, the first suspension was directly related to a website. The owner of the website was also on the forums that explained what had happened but SOE did not admit to the error. No they stick to the story of there incredibly accurate system and evident that they collected at the time of the hack.

    So while Molly was looking for briefing locations on the net, SOE saw a flag on the incredibly accurate system, then investigated, rumours of them ghosting us, saw the hack and proceeded to suspend Molly....

    Back in reality a malware from the website caused the game to send a false positive to SOE. -- Can you imagine how short the worlds greatest detective comics would have been if Batman followed SOE's approach of solving crimes
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  20. Molly.kiki New Member

    this is just wonder full.... will make note not to take batman as a mentor but still has not solved any of my problems!!!!
    how may more accounts must i lose?

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