How To Fix The Recent Launcher Error Dealing With File Overwriting and Permission To Install

Discussion in 'PC Technical Support' started by Minrev, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. Minrev New Player

    Unable to write to C:/Users/Public/Sony Online Entertainment/Installed Games/DC Universe Online Live/LaunchPad.exe - The file may be in use or you may lack the necessary permissions to install.

    I will tell yall how to fix the above error that has been running rampant lately. I have found a fix that works 100% of the time and have posted it on a few separate threads this thread will deal directly on how to fix it.

    The issue with this error is that when you start the launcher for some reason the computer begins to think that you have actually started it twice and thus both awesomium process and sometimes launch pad process are started twice and or more times.

    To fix it you need to start with the Task Manager when can be accessed through Clt+Alt+Delete and you go to the processes tab in the task manager.

    after you have task manager up you start the dc universe launchpad and pay attention to how many awesomium process and launch pads are started (there should only be one up for it to work correctly)

    If more than one launch pad and/or awesomium process if created you need to delete the "fake" ones

    to determine which one is the fake is done by:
    that if you delete the REAL awesomium process then your launcher will go black screen.
    If you delte the REAL Launch Pad then the Launch pad disappears.

    There are times when more than two or three awesomium process or lauchpad is formed the idea is the same determine the fake ones and delete them.

    To work 100% of the time you need to have all the FAKE processes deleted before the checking files is done and if you cant do it that quick then if you delete the fake ones before the lauchpad needs to overwrite it will still work.

    Thank yall and i hope they fix this annoying issue soon

  2. Minrev New Player

    Edit: at first there will be two launch pad processes this is normal and one will disappear once the checking files commences if the launchpad process is still there during the update or the checking files is going on then that launchpad is fake.
  3. Drift Hazard Dedicated Player

    You could use Ctrl+Shift+Esc to go straight to the task manager.
  4. ObsidianChill New Player

    I can confirm that support has no actual clue on how to fix this and they also don't know why the launcher must have the same 6xx kb update each time because ive asked on several occasions.
  5. TSR-SeanF Customer Service

    This is actually intended, so there is not fix for that one. The launcher software does this for all of our games as an "anti-cheat" measure of sorts, so you will need to patch 653kb of data on every run of the game. If you are having problems doing so with the launcher please feel free to contact us for help.
  6. ObsidianChill New Player

    why did it all of a sudden appear tho within the last couple of hotfix/updates? Is this something that was recently implemented by SOE? cause this wasn't occurring before then
  7. TSR-SeanF Customer Service

    I am unsure of when it was implemented, unfortunately, so I couldn't say for sure.
  8. Motherpeace New Player

    So it is intended to make the game unplayable and unfixable, please extend my congrats to the team for wasting my time trying this game out am now uninstalling it and going back to my original opinion of any SOE game.. Just say no!

    By the way the fix does not work 100% of the time I watched in task manager as the launcher loaded up 1 launcher one awsome and still has the error. Really devs need to stop making things that don't work correctly then pushing them out in the end it costs the company money and should cost the devs their job.
  9. TSR-AlexS Customer Service

    Motherpeace, feel free to submit a support ticket so we can help you connect to the game.
  10. DRAGQNC00KIE New Player

    I opened the Task Manager and I can only see one DCUO Launcher, and that is the "real" one. Please help, I really want to start playing again.
  11. TSR-AlexS Customer Service

    Dragon, have you submitted a support ticket? If so, pleas pm Sean or me.

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