How many powers/weapons/movement modes are we going to see?

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  1. LucidityKJ Dedicated Player

    I'm hoping for some dev/admin insight on to this, because I've been curious for a while.

    I know that nobody can predict anything; it's all about business. I'm more curious if continuous expansions are planned in certain arenas. Clearly, if the game is to be continued, more expansions and developments are bound to happen, but has there been any discussion on the DCUO/SOE end as to how far they're willing to go? Do they have a stoppign point?

    My question, basically, is this:

    Has there been any insight as to whether or not we can expect to turn on this game in 5 years or so and find ourselves in character creator looking at something like 40 powers, 30 weapons, multiple body types (or a free-flow creator) etc.
  2. Owl Devoted Player

    From the SOE Keynote we know that they are currently developing 3 new power sets and a variant for each Movement Mode:
    • Atomic, Munitions, Experimental Serums
    • Skimming (Flight), ??? (Super Speed), ??? (Acrobatics)

    DCUO Powers, Weapons & Movement Modes added by year:
    • 2011: Light, Electricity
    • 2012: Earth, Shield
    • 2013: Quantum, Celestial
    • 2014: Rage, Skimming
    So they could add a couple Powers, Weapons OR Movement Modes each year.
  3. LucidityKJ Dedicated Player

    Right, following the flow that's possible. I was wondering more if a cap has been discussed.

    Like, have they talked about it (that we know of) where they've said "If we make it 10 years, we'll add 3 powers a year, but no more than XXX. At that point we focus on other things."
  4. Shadowdragon Devoted Player

    They were capped after Rage because the game assets were restricted to a limit for PS3. They were able to evaluate and free up space for the 3 upcoming ones. I don't think powers will grow to an overwhelming number due to the size limit.
  5. Owl Devoted Player

    The developers have stated in the past that the main limiting factor is the amount of PS3 RAM.
    I suspect the new UI will have to be released before the next wave of powers as it has a smaller memory footprint.
    I expect that some of the future power animations will be recolored versions of existing powers.
  6. LucidityKJ Dedicated Player

    Hm. That all makes sense. I suppose it would be difficult to say without even really knowing what systems are going to be out in 5 years. As far as I'm concerned, though, there's no such thing as an "overwhelming" amount of powers (or anything regarding customization). I would love to have two separate people in a group, both of which use fire, but they look/feel/play completely differently. Think like... Human Torch's style vs, say, Phoenix's style (I know, both Marvel references, but still).
  7. John Brawler Committed Player

    we'll never know when they're done until the day they tell us the servers are going offline for good, however most likely after the next three powers we'll be done with them for awhile until the time comes when they do infact drop the ps3. (note this isn't an excuse for the infamous "drop it now" crowd to complain that it's not soon enough, soe and dcuo devs are the ones that pick when that will happen not us, be patient.)
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