How does the Raven bounty reward work?

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  1. TheBirdOfSteel New Player

    Quick question.

    Basically i done the Raven bounty for the first time and completed the mission in my journal which gave me the option to choose any piece of CR85 gear.
    Once i saw that i thought ok brilliant let me farm this with replay badges to get all my heal and dps gear.

    So i reset the mission , done Raven again but this time when i completed the mission i received a box of corruption which when opened gave me one empty slot and one MOR.
    I was disappointed but tried again and received the same thing. :(

    Is this meant to be happening?
    Will i get a chance for another piece of CR85 gear?

    I dont want to waste anymore replays and time to get in group for only one MOR.

    Any info will be appreciated , thanks guys.
  2. Symonator New Player

    i found it to be 1 in every 3 times you do it.
  3. MyrVell Committed Player

    It's a roll of the dice every time you open the box. Sometimes you get gear, sometimes you get a mark.

    Took me some time but I got all the Raven pieces. I'm 0 for my last 7 on the Exalted boxes you get from the duels so I know it can get frustrating.
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  4. TheBirdOfSteel New Player

    Ah ok thanks, so the option to "choose a piece of gear to complete the mission" will come up again?
    Or it may just be a random piece from the boxes from now on?
  5. MyrVell Committed Player

    You will always get to choose the piece when gear pops.
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  6. TheBirdOfSteel New Player

    ok brilliant thank you
  7. winter13 New Player

    Seems like one in 5 times you run it you get a piece of exalted. At least for me anyway. Been running it since day one, replayed multiple times, and still don't have it done. I only run it once a week now. The envy to die for is even worse. I'm lucky if I get the mission once a week. Then of lugs, you don't get any demons to pop. Still only have 5. Worst feat in the game in my opinion.
  8. TheBirdOfSteel New Player

    do the other side missions in the wastelands also give CR85 gear?

    I haven't tried them yet as im healer and respecing 125 sp to dps is a tedious task but the chance of getting gear will push me to spec and farm.
  9. Deathmike Loyal Player

    For every 5 completed daily missions you get an extra boss in one of the duos that gives you a reward box functionally identical with the Raven one. (the only difference is that the gear is a different style)
    With 125 sp you have enough for the first tier innates of both healing and damage.

    Deathmike out.
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  10. TheBirdOfSteel New Player

    thanks for info bud , let the grind begin!!
  11. Grendel Golem Well-Known Player

    Its totally random. Sometimes I get it 3 times in a row. Sometimes I get MOR 3 times in a row. Its random. I only need one more piece to complete the set.

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