Hope to see new powers someday

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  1. DontCare97 Well-Known Player

    We been with the same powers for years now especially water its a few years older now would love to a power based on rest of the lanterns especially black lanterns easily a tank its death white life healer so is pink healer and blue healer and orange greed another tank because ain't no greedy lantern about to give anyone powers are heal them so only make sense to be a tank plus the ability to change every powers color and like an idea to make every already existing power feel new is introduce variations to them for example when a player decides to switch powers and they decide to go ice they'll see ice tank 1st because that's what ice originally was 2nd ice healer and 3rd ice controller allowing everyone the option to play any already existing power with multiple versions of it before they switch to that power
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    RIP OP
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  3. DeitySupreme Dedicated Player

    Not gonna lie. Thought about it. But to easy lol
  4. DCUO 21Savage Level 30

  5. Alpha Cell Well-Known Player

    With 15 powers currently in the game, I don't know how likely it is but I wouldn't complain if they added a few more. I'd like to see the following:

    Healer - Blue Lanterns (heroes), Indigo Lanterns (villains). Not sure what the collective name would be but it would be cool for every role to get a lantern. Maybe it should just be indigo for both factions.

    Tank - Air powers. Using the wind and atmosphere for a kind of evasion tanking mechanic that revolves around avoiding damage instead of blocking, absorption or healing. Kind of like phase dodge.

    Controller - Nanotech powers. Manipulate tiny nanobots that swirl around and bend to their user's whims. They could cause direct damage to the target or even form objects like weapons and decoys etc.
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  6. DontCare97 Well-Known Player

    Sounds like an interesting idea I support it but the other powers such as Black and Orange plus Ultraviolet Lanterns would all have to be on both sides and tanks because of what they represent and Lanterns such as White and Pink plus Blue would be healers on both sides as well and I guess indigo would be healer too but for vills and blue heroes
  7. Beastmaster Active Player

    Instead of doing 2 light powers just for healer why not just Say indigo to both their morally neutral instead of Blue for healer and watever to villain. Imo Wind would be better served as a troll or tank the same applies to Shadow/Void power. Now Sound could be troll power and Magnestism (ala Cosmic Boy) would be tank.

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